19 February 2015

what if i wrote pseudo-haiku?

under-painting on canvas paper
life got in the way of artwork this week
and this is as much as i painted
i think i kinda love her as she is.
for now.
still. she isn't enough.

i need a theme
a story
for my post.
what if'
i just walk around and think?
this is the favorite book of my girlhood.
i just unearthed it and plan on a re-read.
i remember writing a haiku each thursday evening
to participate in haiku my heart.
i find writing true haiku 
 too unforgiving.
what if i wrote it my way?
what if 
snapping photos of beautiful objects
satisfied my urge to create?
i live in a beauty-full home
bursting with glory.
finding vignettes 
is fun
and artful
a peek at our hall of crosses...always vigilant
to chance upon another.
what if i went outside?
and looked up?
i am a fan of mother nature
perhaps{i should admit}
i am a fair weather-fan.
it is incredibly cold here this week...
(less than 1 degree) 
and windy and snow-ish
and really
quite the opposite of fair.
and yet, unfair is not the right word either.

what if...
i wrote another haiku(ish) poem?
and then
what if i reminded you
to be on the look out 
for unexpected love?

it is really okay
to expect the unexpected
and totally cool
to search for happy surprises.
so many small miracles go unnoticed in this world.
may we all discover contentment.

12 February 2015


my desk
{transitive verb}
1: to separate or distinguish valuable from worthless parts.
<i need to winnow my desk to enable the chi to flow.>

i blame it all on the saints.
they are quite chaotic
and create madly
 then leave it all behind
and herd themselves together
in an organized dishevelment

14 have arrived so far...

{available in my shop}
that was january.
each one takes at least 5 hours to come to life.
and i was pretty proud of myself
and then i read my friend's blog...
she painted 17 works in 3 days!
1: not able to occur, exist, or be done.
<for me, that task is impossible inconceivable.>

let me ask you:
if i promise to be a better blogger,
will you sweet readers stay just as you are?

i tried facebook like they told me to...
and pinterest...but not twitter
(i haven't a phone)
those places are not for me.
mia had her 20th birthday
i like pictures with a story
and personality

and a message
everyone moves
much too quickly these days.
a blurb and go...
{at the store
i can't even cram my change back in my wallet
before they are ringing up the next in line.}
but  hurrier is not for me.
i don't live frantically.

i live slowly
and happily.
with love
thank you for visiting.

24 December 2014

busy hands a wish and a video

getting a bit of help writing my blog this morning ☺
it's the very end of 2014 and
a good year it was.
it wasn't easy
but the good always manages to outshine
the hard times.

i have painted my way through it all
lots of familiar faces...
virgins and saints...
and sometimes...a different painting can come from a dream
and sometimes a friend
needs a painting of her kitty...
this is barney, the cat with only one tiny eye
and sometimes
it is nice to sit with a ball of yarn
you can make a hat
 {for the days when you have misplaced your brush}
and some finger-less gloves to match
if all else fails...
you can adopt a pair of kitties
you can make videos
and you can paint their portrait too.

i hope you find joy
in the rest of the year
with what ever you do
and that 
that joy is so big
it bursts
and spills all over 2015!

ps: here's another video...
if you like cats and art :)

12 December 2014

feast of our lady of guadalupe

priti painting with milagros 

love-ly lady lupe
on you we pin our prayers and fears
may we also remember
to come to you
in thankfullness

my christmas mary in snow

loving mary?
please visit