18 August 2014

happening at Priti Studio & a video

these past few weeks have been a painters dream...
the weather is mostly cool and not humid'
the kind of weather that makes you feel torn
between being outside
and being in the studio.

i made a video showing the progression of 2 paintings...
but i have 3 new to show you
maria inspired by the style of el greco 
st. bernadette inspired by herself...
she was the first saint to be photographed
and i tried to paint her as a tinted b&w photo.
this painting was just from my own head.
she could be a saint with no name...
a guardian...
a survivor...
there is a lot of symbolism here
and the background makes me happy too☺
all of these paintings are hanging in my shop.

pooh edward has been busy too...
letting me know
this painting isn't finished
and just being cute
and then the joys of cooking from the garden:
                     pesto pizza                     &                                  veggie-balls with spicy sauce  pizza                                    

and guess who is starting beauty school...
i am so proud of mia! dance teacher/beauty maker!!!
Love, Lisa

27 July 2014

art blocks!

{remember to click the pictures}

what a busy summer...time whizzing by
lots of things accomplished
so many still to do.
we got new windows in the sun-room
so naturally, i needed to repaint.

and build a kitty-shelf

this is the room where i take my pictures, write my blog...
i have a collection of art blocks
and hung them in the skinny places
between the windows.
 and that reminded me...
i love to make them too

a holy man once told me
the most powerful prayer is
veni, sancte sprititus
(come, holy spirit)

in latin, spiritus has two meanings:


and breath.
{these 3 are all for sale in my shop}
i was remembering how much fun it is to give...
and i made 3 wee blocks
if you are on facebook
like my art page (please :))
and comment there 
or here on my blog...
i will choose 3 random winners on thursday.

other things i have been doing with my paintbrushes...
changing an angel into a barber pole
and re-making a bench for the barber shop
i also learned how to hold a wine glass with my feet...
a paintbrush is next!
have the best day
you possibly can!

ps: there are "new" books in my free library ♥

14 July 2014

where i am today

when katherine jeanne wood {miz katie} invited me to join a virtual blog tour
i had to accept...i am such a huge fan
of her artwork
it is just so different than anything i could ever paint.
for me, this quote describes katie's paintings:

"learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them as an artist"
~pablo picasso

if you aren't familiar with katherine's work
here is the link to her blog and her you tube channel

about me.
i belong to 2 collaborative art groups
so i am always working in art books;
here is a page i did this week.

after 15 years together deb and i signed the marriage contract so this face is a fusion...those are her glasses on my eyes & her big smile with my little teeth ☺

i also have 2 canvases i am working on
then there is the garden to be adorned
as you can see
i walk around with a head full of ideas
and a paintbrush.
there is plenty of time spent
with my feet up
a book
and a glass of wine.
my process...
this is where i am today...
if any of you would like to host a virtual tour of your own blog,
just let me know and i will help.
thank you katie for including me...xo.

09 July 2014

an abundance of art!

i have tons of work to show
all done in art journal collaborations...
{which; i am realizing takes a lot of time}
for me, 
each book is the essence of the person
and i wish to compliment and hug each of my friends
with the work i put in their books.
and so,
i start with a "buffer" page
it takes me forever to do what i feel in my heart.
add to that
and wonky pages underneath...aarghhh!
where shall i start?
at the beginning of where i left off, i suppose,
without too much commentary.
tracy dove~love
and that all started with the jimi USPS stamps and a funky dollar bill
and a question
answered by william strafford

and then, by priti lisa ...that's me!
do you see those stamps?!? click on the picture :)
don't bother to read what i wrote...i forgot to write down my favorite line...
about the rusty halos! sheesh!
but i am not done sheesh-ing myself...
priti~bird! but her feet!!!
i didn't finish painting her feet!
i didn't notice until i was loading these pictures to my blog!
sorry judie...i am so ashamed.

i am also ashamed to tell you...
{i cannot mimic living artists}
...at least not on purpose
i was to be inspired by anahata katkin
at least i tried to capture her warmth, her humor, her colors
{do you notice the 8 in her right eye?}
it is carved in there; to represent the eight of us.
this artwork doesn't look like anahata's
or mine
but it does look like a million other's,
don't you agree?
i wasn't "out of my comfort zone"
i don't have
the confidence or the feeling of
"yeah, i've got this"
i haven't reached my comfort zone yet...
sometimes i think
challenges like this
are just avoidance,
you know?

love and love. 
ps: sorry. i lied.
that was a lot of commentary.

30 June 2014

an artist's view

it is sunday night as i write
of my week with my artwork.
there is no video.
there were no pictures taken
in the moments of digging through rubbish,
the sawing, constructing and painting of the frame
which would become the heart
of this artwork.
sometimes i am not sure of the how or the why
i do know that this one
made me someone
i only had caught a glimpse of before.
i like building my own canvas
as much as i like painting
upon it.
i love scavenging through my own collection
of scavenged objects 
to find what wasn't there before.
my art-ly-ness.

real art
cannot be reproduced or diminished
we are real people
with real voices,
real instruments,
real energy,
and real anguish.
we stand with our hearts in our hands
'this is me, please love me'
we are 
a heart, a soul, a memory
we are human.
humans expressing the godliness we all have in common.
the point
of life is to find your way home,
to wrap yourself in love
to become
ever you
ever you!
however crazy it seems 
the grandness of life is found in the arts...
dance, sing, write choreography, poems and books,
paint and dream of possibilities,
stand for peace and love,
live life and
love it!
{and each other}

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