24 December 2014

busy hands a wish and a video

getting a bit of help writing my blog this morning ☺
it's the very end of 2014 and
a good year it was.
it wasn't easy
but the good always manages to outshine
the hard times.

i have painted my way through it all
lots of familiar faces...
virgins and saints...
and sometimes...a different painting can come from a dream
and sometimes a friend
needs a painting of her kitty...
this is barney, the cat with only one tiny eye
and sometimes
it is nice to sit with a ball of yarn
you can make a hat
 {for the days when you have misplaced your brush}
and some finger-less gloves to match
if all else fails...
you can adopt a pair of kitties
you can make videos
and you can paint their portrait too.

i hope you find joy
in the rest of the year
with what ever you do
and that 
that joy is so big
it bursts
and spills all over 2015!

ps: here's another video...
if you like cats and art :)

12 December 2014

feast of our lady of guadalupe

priti painting with milagros 

love-ly lady lupe
on you we pin our prayers and fears
may we also remember
to come to you
in thankfullness

my christmas mary in snow

loving mary?
please visit

18 November 2014


differentiality...it's not a real word, but it should be..
a word about
differences and alikeness-es too.
  this is a conversation i would have had with my dad. 
he would have known what i meant.  i always had questions for him and he always acted as if i were brilliant for thinking of the question. 
 always, he would consider and always say,
"you have to find the pattern"

so true, isn't it?

when mia was about 3yrs, she said one day,
"mama! life is just a bunch of patterns! right?"
YES! yes, it is!
and to find a pattern you look for the difference in the sameness...you follow?
i am going off the track.
on with the pictures! {maybe then i'll make sense}
first...the november sky...

see differences? likenesses?
see the moon rising in the evening?
she was over my shoulder in the morning
how about my 2 paintings of sisters
do you see differences? 
or similarities?
 how about when they are separated?

my mom told me nothing is ever the same again~ever.
it just can't be. and it shouldn't be.
and she's right, isn't she?
because everything is fluid...maybe that's part of it...

*another tangent*

i remember watching a news program with dad
{it must have been 60 minutes}
in that show, there was a segment where they showed a face
and then a picture of the face transposed
as if it were 2 left sides or 2 rights.
this has stuck with me for over 30 years. no one remembers it.
wish dad was here to tell me it was true.
but then maybe i made it up...who knows.
i tried it on my own face.
i could not pick the real me out of a crowd,,,
but it was fun to learn my face 
is pretty symmetrical

what do you think?

interesting to think about.
 and the results would be different every time
(if you would believe my mom)
and the patterns would solve the puzzle
(if you would listen to my dad)

in the above picture i was conscience of keeping my head straight
(like a mug shot)
when i tried before...

i tilted my head
like i am apt to do

and here is what that looked like

my point is:
i am a listener, a learner and a thinker,
and for that, i have my parents both to thank.
they really were(and are) the best parents
a person like me
could have ever been matched up with.
(i know dad, i am ending the sentence with a preposition)
let me try again...
my parents and i were (and are still) a match made in heaven.

stay. fluid.
and love.

13 November 2014

this week....

what have i been up to?
the usual for me.
and reading
and thinking
and opening packages.

the nice thing about selling one's artwork...
is the vacuum it creates
allowing new art to fill the void.
9 x 12 acrylics on paper
'i will not be afraid"
20 x 10 acrylics and collage on wrapped canvas
there is some money to spend
on paints & brushes
and slippers.
and a magical necklace from an artist friend.
crystal dreams amulet by Mermaiden Creations
which looks so priti with my new cashmere sweater
($4) from the charity shop.
and books!
books for 50¢
Product DetailsProduct Details

these are the 2 i've red this week...both worth a read.
and then there are times when a book becomes a movie.
Product Detailsand often, the result is disappointing.
but in this case, the hbo mini-series was super entertaining, not better,
not worse than the movie...just different experiences
between reading and watching. my favorite actress is frances mcdormand...

also this week the postman brought me 2 packages that
came as a complete surprise!
one from my dear friend and confidant gemma
a vintage artist's box
and a painting from the artist herself!
the other from my ever-thoughtful sister
the most sumptuous bag in navy blue filled with treasures
and a book by jacqueline bouvier and her sister,
(i had no idea such a volume existed)
you may think me spoiled.
and you would be right, i am.
but i deserve it.
here is a drawing of mine from 1998
crayon and marker on newsprint
what a difference 16 years makes.
♥love to all♥
PS: here is the preview to olive kitteridge,
i hope you can find a way to see the film!