19 October 2014

after the party...and art journal pages

last sunday we hosted the first
art & wine occasion in our home.
you may remember the state of my art studio in my last post,
but, of course i had it as tidy as possible by sunday.

this is the last picture my camera took...it then decided to expire.

i think it went well, but being a person that spends 80% of her time alone,
i was totally over-whelmed and it will be a very long time
before something like that happens again.
{like maybe never}
i mean, there were a ka-jillion people here...all talking!
i had been concerned about talking to strangers
and explaining my artwork, but, 
quite honestly, most seemed more interested in the wine
and talking about themselves,
it wasn't all bad,
i did meet 6 people that i wouldn't mind seeing again. ☺
{and as a grateful aside...i did sell a few pieces}
luckily, before my camera broke, 
i took pictures of my pages in the last journal for this year...
my friend (wright story) kat's journal,
which focused on the artwork of jennifer judd mcgee.
jennifer is a living artist, so i had to be extra careful
not to copy her work,
but to be inspired by her.
this page is a wine box...the colors and the illustration reminded me of jennifer's art
and so why not? i even reused the circle-bit to make a secret
window for a hidden message.
and the cardboard was perfect for sewing this little sampler on the reverse side.
i am not sure if jennifer's art includes sewing, but i know kat's does.
fabric-collage, flowers and love ♥
little wooden flowers found at the charity shop let me get out my beloved
wood-burning tool...a print of one of my first painted faces (mia)
 and a few of ee cummings words.
jennifer does beautiful paper-cut quotes
so i tried my hand at it ☺
for the collaborative book cover, i added some
flower shapes i did with my spirograph

remember the spirograph? invented in 1965 it is almost as old as i am!
it was one of my very favorite 'toys'
i am out of pictures,
so i guess i should be out of words too.
i'll be back when i have a new camera...
because, i have finally have been coming back to myself
{and messing up my art studio again}
love to all ♥

06 October 2014

new{s} & paintings & a video

i am sorry for the silence, but...
i have been so busy in the studio
and around the house,
sometimes writing about it all can be daunting,
so, perhaps this time i will just catch up
with many pictures
and fewer words.
guadalupe in a round vintage frame

lots of painting on rocks...fun ☺
these pebbles will be party favors for the guests
of our little gathering
the little gathering is turning in to more of an occasion!
i don't have many friends, but deb has...
it will be {hopefully} like an art gallery showing.
here is a 'found' bench i re-did...
and then pooh added fur and a few claw marks
finally traded in our 1950 range 
just a wee range, half the size of the old one...
and we found that cupboard beside at the antique shop

there is so much about the kitchen that isn't priti,
but that's ok...always save some work for tomorrow ☺
there is priti studio...looking like a bomb went off,
that would never do...
i have guests to impress!
can you believe it??? I had to make it b&w
so it wouldn't be too over-stimulating for you.
if you are clicking on the pictures {and i hope you are}
this would make the perfect game...
find 60 paintbrushes
1 wine glass
7 prayer candles
2 sweaters...etc 
oh! and you can't see it. but there was a lightbulb that needed changing.
when i went in the closet for the step-ladder
{see, i am organized, lol}
anyway in the closet is also where i keep the paintings
that have made me mad.
so. naturally i saw them in there
and decided it was much more important to finish them
than it was to clean the studio
{i did change the bulb though}
all she needed was to change the background,
paint the frame...
and surround her with a poem/prayer
this one needed everything, but now she is full of meaning
and i love her ♥

and finally
my masterpiece of the group...
this painting was incredibly frustrating for me,
but i took pictures along the way
and made a video.
the miraculous mother
the video is about 3 minutes long,
i hope you like it...
i have more to share, but anymore today would just be ridiculous!
Love, Lisa

04 September 2014

art books, a garage, a UFO and Dream ON!

here i am getting ready to write about my work in the collaborative art book for the month
and realized i haven't even shown last month's...why can i not keep up??? anyway,
the first book i'll show is inspired by the artist duy huynh.
tammy also chose a theme for her book, dreams. that was helpful, because duy huynh is a tough act!
the biggest difficulty for me was leaving so much "empty"space. i didn't succeed on this page, but it did inspire the painting i showed you last week. I did a little better on the next page...
and then i did a little card for tammy while 'dream on' played in a constant loop in my head.
i did a page of the lyrics, just because, but i didn't bother to take a picture apparently.
it was easy to have empty space on the cover, as i was the first to add to the painted background ☺
then, last week i painted the garage
the whole entire thing, even the door and the rain barrel...phew!
after that, i got started on lisa 'wright stuff" 's book inspired by matisse.
i tried ink line-drawing, still life and portraits with pattered backgrounds and without patterns...
 and then some paper-outs on the booklet and cover
 AND then!...there was a UFO sighting...i don't know if you saw it on the news, but here is the link to the ABC coverage: UFO in Pennsylvania
and the next day, in our yard this mysterious 'crop circle' appeared
i am not even joking! i feel blessed to know they are happy about our chem-free lawn. what do you think? i like to think of these visitors as angels or guides...whatever they are, i am sure it is all for the good.
that's it for me,
 but before you click me off, here's a short version of 
dream until your dream comes true!
at 64 steven tyler still has it goin'on!

18 August 2014

happening at Priti Studio & a video

these past few weeks have been a painters dream...
the weather is mostly cool and not humid'
the kind of weather that makes you feel torn
between being outside
and being in the studio.

i made a video showing the progression of 2 paintings...
but i have 3 new to show you
maria inspired by the style of el greco 
st. bernadette inspired by herself...
she was the first saint to be photographed
and i tried to paint her as a tinted b&w photo.
this painting was just from my own head.
she could be a saint with no name...
a guardian...
a survivor...
there is a lot of symbolism here
and the background makes me happy too☺
all of these paintings are hanging in my shop.

pooh edward has been busy too...
letting me know
this painting isn't finished
and just being cute
and then the joys of cooking from the garden:
                     pesto pizza                     &                                  veggie-balls with spicy sauce  pizza                                    

and guess who is starting beauty school...
i am so proud of mia! dance teacher/beauty maker!!!
Love, Lisa

27 July 2014

art blocks!

{remember to click the pictures}

what a busy summer...time whizzing by
lots of things accomplished
so many still to do.
we got new windows in the sun-room
so naturally, i needed to repaint.

and build a kitty-shelf

this is the room where i take my pictures, write my blog...
i have a collection of art blocks
and hung them in the skinny places
between the windows.
 and that reminded me...
i love to make them too

a holy man once told me
the most powerful prayer is
veni, sancte sprititus
(come, holy spirit)

in latin, spiritus has two meanings:


and breath.
{these 3 are all for sale in my shop}
i was remembering how much fun it is to give...
and i made 3 wee blocks
if you are on facebook
like my art page (please :))
and comment there 
or here on my blog...
i will choose 3 random winners on thursday.

other things i have been doing with my paintbrushes...
changing an angel into a barber pole
and re-making a bench for the barber shop
i also learned how to hold a wine glass with my feet...
a paintbrush is next!
have the best day
you possibly can!

ps: there are "new" books in my free library ♥