05 January 2016

2015 finis part II

yes, a fresh new year and we are like
newborns, innocent to whatever may come.
reflecting on 2015, 
i decided i wasn't quite as awful as i often felt i was.
sure, i was always behind,
but i did finish what i set out to do...mostly.
here is my final painting of the year past.
acrylics on canvas 30 x 40 inches 
a still life.

i believe each painting is a self portrait of the artist.
in mine there is a ruggedness.
 there are secrets
that will only be exposed by scrutinizing. 
there are scars 
and shadows
that say:
i am real!
and you may never know what is under the black paint.
but it is part of the art now.
part of the mystery. 

they say:
the only time is now!
live without regret!
for me, that feels false.
i have a past.
i have regrets.
it is my mission to make them both worthwhile.
to make everything beautiful.

15 December 2015

2015 finis part I

i've been playing with angels & saints & spiritus
sancta maria
patron saint of dancers

st. mary magdalene
i've been playing with yarn & wool
making hats & blankets & shawls

i've been doing all manner of things...
making flowers & hearts...buying old books
{so mischievous am i}
certainly time could be better spent
by snuggling a kitty
{or sweeping together dust bunnies}
i am naughty.
when i am not being watched i will
paint on rusty things like paint cans
& soup lids
 then i hang them on the tree
{with wicked glee}
 oh lisa! are there not more important things to do?
{yes...i have projects for friends & a commission to do}
but i am so wicked
i make their things rusty too!

NO lisa! not the commission!
surely not a rusty grimy wedding portrait
{no....i haven't worked on that yet}
but i have an excuse
{as all horrid people do}
priti studio has closed and is now a guest room

 {it was so messy it took me days to achieve}
really...the place was a jumbled dump
the new priti studio is down the hall
in need of electric light
opening soon...
happy yuletide to all
{click photos for detail☺}
mama & me

13 December 2015

before midnight

on the feast of our lady of guadalupe...

i will honor mary
and keep her in my heart

04 October 2015

there is something in october...

it's october
and so here are my photos from september.
lots of crocheting,
4 blankets of wool.

3 walls of black happened too...
to harmonize with the harlequin pattern i painted in july
and then...
54 x 18" collage on wood with objects & words
 some of my own artwork
 assembled with the ancient's and the master's 
 with some quips, quotes and prayers tucked in too
and hearts&hands&halos
then i wondered
shall i paint again?
{it has been more than 3 months}
maybe, just maybe
if i begin with a familiar face
paint her 3 times quickly! don't think!
a painting that's been living in my head...
"the saint with no name"
for more photos & info click:
thank you.
signed with love from lisa

22 August 2015

my remedy

july was full
and yet;

it was a tough month for me
emotionally & physically.

july was...
painting a harlequin wall in the dining room 
cracked pepper &
churchhill hotel navajo white
{kept fresh in a gelato container}

painting the kitchen walls with the same white

and painting the yucky cupboards
in these shades of green & blue:
enchanted and vintage
            cleaning&clearing the insides
                   you need just a few dishes, vitamins, coffee and pirate booty

 july was
 broken dreams,
unfinished sorrows
& half-hearted beginnings.
and i know
physical & emotional health
are partners.
and that sometimes
people you love
say things
and do things
that wreck you.
you know?
i became unraveled.
does this ever happen to you?
i've been on this path before...
i know a remedy
for healing:

you have to pick your self up
do something about your hair
{thanks mia!}
and focus on color
{and name the colors}
you must buy wool
in these colors:
& tomato & basil
parmasan & crushed-pepper & olive-oil

and then make blankets.
 you must read poetry...
and you must go shopping for celery...
and come home with tiramisu gelato.

you must look
for brave flowers...
and you must launder
 old, {mostly}white nightgowns.
and buy new
 nightgowns in white.
you must do all of these things;
and soon,
you will be good as new.
i will be back
at the end of august...