01 April 2016

send a priti flower for mother's day

i have become quite the hooker of late.
i have fallen back in love with an old craft.
i cannot stop making flowers!
and so...
i was wondering what to do with these lovely,
hand-crafted, priti wild-flowers...
indeed they make a love-ly gift for
mothers & girlfriends & sweethearts.
what if i sold them in my shop
& what if i included a card
and mailed directly to the recipient?
isn't that a grand idea?
yes! it is the most fabulous idea!
so i did do just that.

& what if i gave a few away as gifts
to my love-ly readers?
i will!
this contest is open now through april 7th
and 5 lucky-duckies will win a flower corsage
to pin upon their breast
{or bag or anywhere really}
just let me know
in a comment below
if you would like to be added to the drawing...
happy spring!

12 February 2016

happenings...& videos

what do i do with all of my time?
sometimes crochet 
{hats blankets shawls sweaters socks}

and then sit bundled in them
and drink wine by the fireplace of course.
sometimes paint
{walls murals claytiles oldpaintings tinycanvases commissions} 

 this is the most wonder-full thing...
i painted mia....mia painted herself

in between all of that nonsense
there is youtube.
 makevideos watchvideos
here are 2 such videos
the first is mine
and the second is mia's
{mia is truly astounding}

05 January 2016

2015 finis part II

yes, a fresh new year and we are like
newborns, innocent to whatever may come.
reflecting on 2015, 
i decided i wasn't quite as awful as i often felt i was.
sure, i was always behind,
but i did finish what i set out to do...mostly.
here is my final painting of the year past.
acrylics on canvas 30 x 40 inches 
a still life.

i believe each painting is a self portrait of the artist.
in mine there is a ruggedness.
 there are secrets
that will only be exposed by scrutinizing. 
there are scars 
and shadows
that say:
i am real!
and you may never know what is under the black paint.
but it is part of the art now.
part of the mystery. 

they say:
the only time is now!
live without regret!
for me, that feels false.
i have a past.
i have regrets.
it is my mission to make them both worthwhile.
to make everything beautiful.

15 December 2015

2015 finis part I

i've been playing with angels & saints & spiritus
sancta maria
patron saint of dancers

st. mary magdalene
i've been playing with yarn & wool
making hats & blankets & shawls

i've been doing all manner of things...
making flowers & hearts...buying old books
{so mischievous am i}
certainly time could be better spent
by snuggling a kitty
{or sweeping together dust bunnies}
i am naughty.
when i am not being watched i will
paint on rusty things like paint cans
& soup lids
 then i hang them on the tree
{with wicked glee}
 oh lisa! are there not more important things to do?
{yes...i have projects for friends & a commission to do}
but i am so wicked
i make their things rusty too!

NO lisa! not the commission!
surely not a rusty grimy wedding portrait
{no....i haven't worked on that yet}
but i have an excuse
{as all horrid people do}
priti studio has closed and is now a guest room

 {it was so messy it took me days to achieve}
really...the place was a jumbled dump
the new priti studio is down the hall
in need of electric light
opening soon...
happy yuletide to all
{click photos for detail☺}
mama & me

13 December 2015

before midnight

on the feast of our lady of guadalupe...

i will honor mary
and keep her in my heart