10 April 2015

a dozen pictures...

i have written this post so many times
{in my head}
but it felt too overly-expressive
too wordy
& so
only pictures
abrupt remarks made as an interruption or an aside
angela, nanette, lisa
my sisters and me
 sometimes the death of a father
will bring your mother back
and then 
you begin to look for the other missing pieces.
708 east broad street

the scent of water

we had each other
2 paintings of, about and for my sisters
who live so very far away.

i am inspired out-of-the-blue
friend dena russo
(her facebook profile picture)
 her beauty & the horror behind really moved me 
blinding ignorance does mislead us. O! wretched mortal, open your eyes!
~leonardo da vinci
easter-time was supreme
with hyacinths from my son
and roses from my daughter
new instruments with which to eat
and then
truly incredible
and then today...
a bird
 for a friend
i have painted this before
and i may do

did you know:
vincent painted his sunflowers
over a dozen different times
now that
is divine afflatus!


ps: click on the pictures

15 March 2015

liminal space

all of my life 
i have felt myself on the brink.
somewhere betwixt & between 
who i am and who i AM
{do you know what i mean?}
i am not really this person i am pretending to be.
surely this isn't all there is to me.
i have so much more i can do.
with practice,
i can become she.
she, the one who paints significantly.
she who is adventurous.
she does not question, but trusts.
she, not the she on the perimeter, the other she.
you see,
i live in a liminal space
which could be dismal
if it were not for my hope-fullness.
my morning prayer before putting my feet on the floor
fills me with optimism.

but then
i look up and
 i see a plastic bag caught in the branches of the walnut tree.
and i think:
humanity is so careless and destructive
and selfish...
and yet
so full of potential too.
i think:
this teetering on the edge
is something we all do
can we embrace it all?
the chaos 
the serenity
the world is full of both
and perhaps
you cannot search for one
without finding the other.
whisper words of wisdom
let it be
come, holy spirit
"Confuse the sacred and the secular in your environment. Create a liminal, neither here nor there, milieu. It is always in the liminal places that significant things happen, so work at creating liminality." A Religion of One's Own, Thomas Moore 
and...just for fun...
frida on blue velvet
face towards the sun
very good advice frida
animals are so smart.

07 March 2015

maybe only an artist would understand...

this is an art adventure story.
{prepare yourself for the workings of my mind}
at the end of last year,
a cyber-friend messaged me.
she asked if i would be interested
in re-doing a box, a box that her sweetheart had kept his treasures in.
of course i was honored to be asked,
and YES! most definitely, i will! 
because you see:
she is a friend
with the kindest spirit
and her sadness, her resilience, 
and her radiance
all made me want to shine too.
and then the box arrived...early in december.
i was gobsmacked!
literally, i was taken aback, astounded, astonished and...
filled with apprehension,
i was afraid of it.
you see, i have mosaic-ed many boxes;
a generous bakers-dozen of boxes.
but none were this size, {massive}
this shape, this important...yikes!
so, i put it in the corner of my studio and painted 16 saints instead.
all the while, 
the box canister was taunting me.
i always say, "you cannot finish until you begin"
and so
i started sifting through my treasure trove,
in the garage, in the basement, in the art closet
every and all places inspiration could be found.
i found my left-over clay
and went shopping for more.
i sculpted and found the "new" clay was 
worse than my old stuff.
i cursed the craft store and their ancient crumbly clay!
i was frustrated.
and increasingly distracted.
nothing was working for this special box!
i made 3 artworks that were NOT the box.
{i'll share those in another post}
i was having nightmares about the box.
the box had become an albatross around my neck.

i stormed the house, the garage, the basement.
i joked about the albatross becoming a tourniquet.
a device for stopping the flow of blood through a vein or artery.
i fantasized a peaceful death for myself.

i took to my bed for a day of reading...
but i could hear the box taunting me.
then, as i was pawing through my studio
(freshly stock-piled with my findings)
i found this book.
and i began.

there. one side done.
but there are 3 other sides
and the lid!
to say the rest was easy...well, that is not true.
it was agonizing and painful.
much like birthing a child,
with the last push came enormous relief!
and pride.

and although i never knew him,
because to hold karen's heart he must have been.
my task is complete.
to karen with love
from me.

19 February 2015

what if i wrote pseudo-haiku?

under-painting on canvas paper
life got in the way of artwork this week
and this is as much as i painted
i think i kinda love her as she is.
for now.
still. she isn't enough.

i need a theme
a story
for my post.
what if'
i just walk around and think?
this is the favorite book of my girlhood.
i just unearthed it and plan on a re-read.
i remember writing a haiku each thursday evening
to participate in haiku my heart.
i find writing true haiku 
 too unforgiving.
what if i wrote it my way?
what if 
snapping photos of beautiful objects
satisfied my urge to create?
i live in a beauty-full home
bursting with glory.
finding vignettes 
is fun
and artful
a peek at our hall of crosses...always vigilant
to chance upon another.
what if i went outside?
and looked up?
i am a fan of mother nature
perhaps{i should admit}
i am a fair weather-fan.
it is incredibly cold here this week...
(less than 1 degree) 
and windy and snow-ish
and really
quite the opposite of fair.
and yet, unfair is not the right word either.

what if...
i wrote another haiku(ish) poem?
and then
what if i reminded you
to be on the look out 
for unexpected love?

it is really okay
to expect the unexpected
and totally cool
to search for happy surprises.
so many small miracles go unnoticed in this world.
may we all discover contentment.