05 April 2014

starry nights and sunflowers

as it is with me sometimes
i am not entirely in this world
people say
"live in the moment!"
for me there are many moments 
all happening at once
the world is too big and scary 
to consider for too long
alone in my studio
i make and paint puzzles for me
to fit into others' art books
do you see the ear milagro dangling from vincent's bandage?
this past month i was immersed in vincent van gogh
his art
and the song don mclean wrote to honor him
working on
a collaborative art project
i was allowed to choose any of the unfinished pages
and some of the lyrics have always called to me
...since 1976
when they were playing on the radio
 in my mom's gremlin
picture credit: hooniverse.com/
 even then, the world was too big
and worrisome for me
and so
i colored pictures
and kept my nose in a book
nothing really changes, does it?
I have a novel
about vincent
his art and life
from a woman's point of view
{which i always find preferable}
if you would like me to send it to you
just let me know...
"let me go quietly on with my work;
if it is that of a madman,
well, so much the worse ~ i can't help it."
                                                 vincent van gogh

31 March 2014

monday with mary...

i've gone missing...
i don't know where or who i am
or why i have been feeling so disconnected
i haven't felt inspired
or excited about much of anything
i am not depressed
and have nothing to complain about
when i saw myself in the mirror
i didn't think it was me
and i thought...
these are not the clothes i wear
this is not what my hair should say
about me
this is most definitely not art from my soul
i know how the pendulum swings
as woman do...
vincent saw how women often feel
 lasts  forever
only the soul...
a new blouse 
and shoes(!)
and the sun on my head
and deadlines met!
these things
make the world go 'round!
I will dis-robe
myself this spring
lift my head from mary's lap
and become
who i should have been.

love-ing-ly linked to hettienne and friends
join us will you?

and i almost forgot to announce the winner...#5
Darla, she is yours...and on her way...

17 March 2014

monday with mary and a gift

put it into your heart
am i not here?
i who am your mother?
let nothing else worry you,
disturb you.
acrylic on cardboard vintage frame 9 x 7"
i am offering this little painting
as a gift...
if you would like to own her
tell me in a comment below.
and hugs,
loving-ly linked to cloister of the heart

10 March 2014

monday with mary

a little card i made over at picmonkey.com
inspired by hettienne's post last week
{ you can find it here }

Please join us each monday at
a beautiful blog hosted by hettienne.

here is a short little slide show of a book I made as an anniversary gift.
14 years?
but it only feels like 13.

and hugs

06 March 2014

what's going on at priti studio....

mostly i am working in journals
i am part of 2 different collaborations
the first one is an art journey
done in a particular artist's style
for my book
the covers will be worked on by all 8 artists
this is the beginning...

the other quest
has no theme...just sharing art with one another
these next pages are in Lisa Swifka's book
you can see me copying myself again
and windows...always windows

also, in my free time
i am re-working older paintings...

and painting new ones...
like this folk art heart
and starting new paintings
i really like painting wine bottles :)
i've been reading too...
quick, fun and magical
this one was a gift...still reading it and loving it
{thank you Judie}
else wise
i am
and hugs