15 June 2009

Hello Mom, maybe Flor :), and anyone else

What have I been doing since my computer has taken over my life? Well, I've been working on a series of paintings of powerful woman matched with beatles songs. I am not a Beatle-Fanatic but the whole "flower child/empowered woman" idea appealed to me, especially because it came from the Goddess herself (whom I thank personally everyday) This was a three part series at first: Mary-Let it Be; Venus-Somebody and Eve-Imagine. Of course if you know me, I LOVE Frida, worship her almost as much as the afore mentioned. But...that would make 4 and I believe in odd numbers-always...so I need a 5th...who could it be? Any thoughts? I'll show pics of the three really soon--almost done with Eve

Until then

Peace and Love and pictures of a doll named Frida


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  1. Hi Lisa. Just backtracking on some of your posts from before. I love this doll. I think you and I feel the same about Frida.She definitely was way ahead of her time. Oooops, have to go, it's 2pm and General Hospital. Tee Hee. That's the only program I watch during the day. Take care.


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