19 July 2009

Baby doll heads???

Almost exactly last year, we were looking at a house, put in an offer, and were refused. While we were in the process, we met the neighbors. She (and the husband she was speaking for) couldn’t wait for us to move to the neighborhood. They couldn’t stand the people we whose house we were trying to buy, nor the SNOBS to the left. She seemed cool-ish, artsy-ish, my type-ish. But everything works out (or doesn’t) for a reason.

We didn’t get the house. :(

We didn’t have to pack all of our shizz. :)

We didn’t actually have to do anything but DREAM. :)

And meet with realtors, bank lenders, etc. :(

To bore you only a little longer, here is my point.

We snapped this picture today of the fence the “artsy neighbor” has between her and the “hold-out-for-a-better-price-and-live-here-forever” people.

baby heads 005 Click on it.

Creepy or Cool?

I think both.

And I’m glad we didn’t get the house.

Weird vibes.

Love you for reading, and for being you…Lisa


  1. hey priti.lisa! Thank you so much for leaving a comment on my blog so that I could discover you and read your whole entire blog! We seem to like a lot of the same stuff, including Frida! Regarding the house - yeah, those baby doll heads always creep me out, but I love that style of house in the photo! I've collected photos of such houses here in P-town that I'd like to live in. I really like your artwork, the paintings and the furniture - I think you would like my house (crazy colorful). I giant-size LOVE the artwork in your banner!!!

  2. Hey, Lisa, being someone who is so totally creeped out by dolls anyway can I say...*shiver* that is too weird. Then again, maybe the "artsy" woman did it to encourage the neighbors to accept an offer soon.

  3. Someone once told me that people should look at at least 10 houses that they can afford before they buy one.
    The right one is out there for you.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog. Seth's little project was such a good thing, wasn't it? We all got a chance to meet some really neat new artsey people! :)Bea

  4. I like baby doll heads, but this is a little weird even for me.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!


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