29 July 2009

Happy B-day Angela and A Give-away!!

me an sisters 002

Today is my sister Angela’s Birthday. She is on the left in blue. In the middle is Nanette in yellow. Aren’t they sweet?The one on the right is me, the jolly green giant! Since then, I haven’t grown, I’m still 5’2”  They both live in Austin, TX.  This is the latest snap I have of us circa 1971

Happy Birthday Angela!

Nextly, my first ever GIVE-AWAY!  But first, can I tell you about my hair?  Sometimes, it can look nice.  When it’s colored, cut, washed, combed and slathered in anti-frizz schmutz.  But I only have the time for that once or twice a year.  I’m just too busy.  I’m watching paint dry, digging dried paint out from under my nails, shopping for paint, you get the idea.  So mostly my hair looks like a shrub.me, tomatoes, headwrap 011 Click on the smirk.

Anyway, on one of my junk journeys, I found some vintage, is it brocade?  All I know is that it is cool.  I made myself a headwrap, and got a compliment, a really nice one.  I decided to make one for her AND for one of you. If you have a shrub on your head or if you just think it’s kewl…Look

me, tomatoes, headwrap 012 me, tomatoes, headwrap 013 Click on my coolness.

If you want one leave a comment starting today. On this post. from today until August 7.  My sweet Mia will pick the winner. Peace…Lisa


  1. Oooooh I love the headwrap! Beautiful!! I have the opposite problem, my hair falls flat as a flitter in all the humidity. xo Michele

  2. That's lovely! I'm trying to grow my hair out a bit and it's quite shrub like at the moment...

  3. These are darling and you made them, WOW! Please count me in!

    Oh and a strange thing I just have to mention is that when I was visiting your blog before, under my alias of Inspiration Avenue (yeah I'm the admin.), you reminded me so much of my friend Mia. How amazing to find you have a Mia of your own! Sorry, just had to share that. ;-)

    All the best ~ Sharon

  4. aw, that picture is the cutest! And so is the headband! perfect for those of us with unpredictable locks :)

  5. Lovely photo of the three sisters.

  6. Ha that is so funny. Today I decided, for possibly the first time in about 20 years (not counting fancy dress pirates!), to tie a scarf around my head in a sort of boho-style cool chica look. Then what happens in a moment of serendipity - I find your hair flattening giveaway! May I please be entered (as I write this I am listening to a strange noise that started coming out of my speakers when I clicked on that little video link you got there.... Is something wrong do you think?)

  7. I LIKE your hair!

    I was the tall kid in 6th grade at 5'2". I am now five foot two and three quarters - it's the yoga, I tell you!
    :) lulu

  8. lulu...LOL...maybe yoga made me taller too, I'll have to check as soon as i find 3 yardsticks!

    And apparently SOMEONE doesn't know good acapela when they hear it. Too funny!

    This is the best part about bloglandia, the comments...

  9. oh, don't you love childhood photos...


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