27 July 2009

Me? On Etsy? It’s true!

I’ve been reading blogs for years. I’ve been a member of etsy for almost as long…buying, not selling. I finally got a new computer and have spent the last 2 months trying to make friends with it…now we are…kinda. After I got my blog up I asked everyone who owed me, “please help me get an etsy shop! Please.” Do you know how that goes? I Know some of you do.

By sure determination, I did it my damn self, Sunday.

Please take a look.

You don’t have to buy anything.

The stuff is flying off the shelves.

But look.

Or, I could put some right here so you don’t have to move.

Peace and Love...Lisa


  1. Hi Lisa! Congrats on your new etsy shop...everything looks fabulous!!
    happy week to you:) xox...jenn

  2. Hi Lisa! You did a wonderful job on your shop, I know how overwhelming it can be!

    Thanks for visiting our blog and leaving your comment. To add the images for our party on your blog right click on the image (if you're using a Windows computer) and click to save the image to your desktop. Then go to your own blog, create a new post (you can just copy the info from ours) and upload the photo from your computer into the post.

    To add the image to the right sidebar just go to your blog and click "Dashboard" or "Customize" at the top right, then click "Add a Gadget". Look for the one to add an image and upload the image from your Desktop. You can also include a link from our blog to the original party posting here: http://inspiration-avenue-team.blogspot.com/2009/07/5-degrees-in-inspiration-blog-party.html

    Be sure to click "Save" and then click "Save" again on the Gadgets layout.

    I hope this is helpful and if you need any other info just let us know. Also, let me know if you're successful so I can add you to our list of participating blogs.

    Admn. for Inspiration Avenue

  3. congrats, Lisa! I say you did a fine job. I'll add your shop to my favorites. Hope to have my own shop up and running again soon myself.

  4. Hey, congrats! I'm off to see your shop!


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