06 July 2009

Mini Mouth


Here she is, our panther Mini. Mini is a sweet little killer we adopted last Mother’s Day. We had moles or voles in the garden and mice God knows where. There were cute little chipmunks happily chewing their way into our basement and squirrels hanging from the eaves. The birds and the bunnies though were fine, I told her to leave them alone and just concentrate on the vermin that I deemed unfit. What a good cat! Out all night on killing sprees. Every morning a new “gift” on the porch. Did you know cats hate the smell of voles? They do, but she brought their bodies to me anyway. I was the Queen and she was Sheba! But then, one morning, bunny feet on the porch. Sad. But, hey, that’s nature… Next the birds are in the house because it’s not safe outside! Not funny… Now that everything is dead, or vanished from our yard, she blames me! She is punishing me by yowling to get in at 4am. She used to be fine with 5, that’s when I get up…but 4?? No thank you. OK 4 it is, because she WILL NOT STOP!! Hence she has been given the title Mini Mouth. Not to be confused with Minnie Mouse (probably because we don’t have any mice)

PS I know what you are thinking “She is almost as cute as my cat”

You were. Weren’t you?

PPS She is laying on a heap of cat-nip…anything to shut her up! :)1002337click on the pictures to really see!

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