07 July 2009

Viva Frida

I am on a Frida bender…again. I can never get enough! The painting was just to showcase one of her memories/poems from her diary. But then she insisted on having the moon tatoo. She wanted to be part of the goddesses. She didn’t know I had other plans, but she insisted. Can’t 1002354ever say no to Frida. Do you like her?

Then when I was at the track going around and around I had an idea. All I had to do was sift


through my junk and wah-lah! A jewel box.

Thank you for looking.

I am trying so very hard for an Etsy store, I will soon. I am so determined, that it has to happen…ummm comments??


  1. I love Frida! she's so intriguing. your painting is lovely~~

  2. This is great work. I have loved Frida for a long time...I love her bravery and her lack of fear at being different. Much successful wishes to ya!

  3. Thank you both for the encouraging words! They really give me hope :)

  4. Oh, I love these...they are both so beautiful!

  5. That jewel box is really cool. I love that image, and how well it's executed.

  6. thank so overly much for your comments, makes my day!


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