15 July 2009

Where ART thou?

I have been busy refinishing furniture for Leo’s apartment, a perfectly good table and chairs found for free! All they needed was some lovin’. 

Mia’s summer dance sessions have started, so alot of driving is involved (bleh).  She has a guest teacher that has been on TV, so its all very exciting for her (and me.)

Then there is our yard, wow, what a year for green.  I planted a lot of plants over the years and they seem very happy.  So there is always plenty of upkeep, so as not to look like Grey Gardens. If you haven’t ever seen that movie, you must.  I did manage to squeeze out one painting this week, just need to take a picture. So for now enjoy Ireland in PA. 

Peace and Love to you all…Lisa007012My favorite statue of Mary008 010


  1. So glad to hear there are fellow Grey Garden fans out there : ) My son (19) told me after watching Grey Gardens, that the movie just gives us permission to behave badly...lol...he should know me better...I don't need permission : ) Have a great day

    another Lisa

  2. LOL! Permission from a 19 yr old son! You must of given birth to an old guy like I did. Almost eerie how grown-up he always was...but I was in charge! Soo funny!!!

    Aren't we all named Lisa. Don't we all have cats. Aren't we all artists. Do we all have 19 year old OLD sons???? Might have to make a blog about that thought...Lisa D. (as I was called in school*yuck*)

  3. LoL! I was telling my friend today about the Lisa thing, your blog and grey gardens : ) Too funny
    Where abouts are you located?
    Chicago area here

  4. I live right beside Hershey,Pa. You know cheap chocolate, a lame amusement park, and unamusing tourists...Absolutely no culture either.

  5. Cool new banner!
    and I love Grey Gardens.

  6. Hey doesn't that infamous Kate Gossline live over there...lol...sorry : )


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