20 August 2009

Part III of my Tour

I am working…at my desk, which is different for me…but more interesting and meaningful and heart-felt…

DESK 003For everyone that has left a comment on my trip, I left one for you. I know that I act like I have been to Tuscany or the British Isles for a month, but for me it was BIG and FUN an QUICK. eh-hem.

The last and most exciting to me is…

Dear and Sweet Lori told me about the Art Walk in October.

Then she offered me her space in front of her store.

I get to join in? AND she seems excited about it!

I am truly blessed, and so are you!

We are all blessed, with each other and our power to create.

And that is what we are here for.

To see beauty… to be beauty…to create beauty.

Have good dreams,



  1. How exciting that you'll participate in the Art Walk. Your work certainly deserves to be seen.

    Looking back a couple of posts I see you got a bunch of wonderful things and it looks like it was a good trip


  2. congrats on the art walk! that sounds fun and i bet the weather is gorgeous. and you are so right....we are all blessed~

  3. I spy....homework! It looks great. I am also bummed that the class is ending.
    The difference between cupcake and muffin papers is the muffin paper is way bigger. Found out the hard way.
    Your vacation looked fabulous! I am getting ready for mine to Seattle.

  4. Hooray for you, Lisa! I forsee a very bright and profitable future. Hugs and good wishes thrown your way.


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