18 August 2009

The Goods (actually, the greats)

Lititz 014 Look how fun it is…Lititz 017 Lititz 016 Amazingly cute shops! Lititz 018 Lititz 015 This shop is called Zest. Deb is showing Ed my portfolio. Look at the floors and walls. Reminds me of home.

NOW, my purchases…

Lititz 2 004 This bracelet made by women in Kenya. Pretty and I hope they will be heard…I hear them.

This and the next are from The Sassy Tassel.

Lititz 2 012 Art games. Who would’ve thunk it? (Kiss to Vicky)

Lititz 2 006 Stained glass earrings? Yep, they’re mine. And a birthday gift for my sister Nanette. I won’t show that, just in case she’s reading. (kiss to Cindy)

Lititz 2 008 All things Mary!! Prayer cards, charms and a figurine…she will sit on my desk until her make-over…

Lititz 2 013 My Lady

Lititz 2 015 This beautiful scarf is fresh from Italy. Lori just got back, and I got the best one! It is so soft, pretty and flow-y… Luxury….(kiss to Lori)

Lititz 2 002 I got this dress from the Art Show Sunday (really, I got 2, but can only wear 1 at a time)

Lititz 2 009 This watch is handmade from bamboo and coconut shell. Some artists truly blow you away…Gorgeous!

I am ever thankful to my Deb.

And all artists whose ware I own, and those I covet.

Love to all ( I mean it)



  1. What comes to my mind is.....Luckyyyyyy!
    : )

  2. Some great finds there. Good seeing you in your one of two dresses. :)Bea

  3. What a beautiful shopping experience. Looks like just my kind of day! You found some great things! Enjoy!

  4. Wow! How great do those shops look?! I'm jealous! & I love your new purchases! : )

  5. A woman after my own heart! Love browsing in quaint shops especially if they are small. Hate shopping complexes and department stores. Your Stained glass earrings look like a great gift.

  6. Oh what a wonderful shopping excursion. I love the stained glass earrings.


  7. How much fun you had. Love those earrings. Wish I could been with you. I love little shops like that.

  8. I know I'm Luckyyyy. I also wish eveyone of you could have been with us.
    The stained-glass earrings would make a nice gift Sylvia, but not just yet...I love them.
    There were other things to show ...
    Thank you all my friends:)
    Love you all...Lisa


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