26 August 2009

The Grapes of Wrath


About 5 years ago we planted these grape vines that were guaranteed  to yield grapes in 2 years.  Maybe, with my dyslexia what I thought was a 2 was maybe a 5?  I’m not sure if I have dyslexia or if I see mirror image. 

Don’t know, never diagnosed.

All that matters is that I can read.  I memorize how words look, have a hard time sounding out words new to me.

I am digressing.

003 006 005 Here are the grapes finally.  I don’t know why they look like they were Photo-shopped, they weren’t.  The taste is soooooooo goooood !

Better late than never.  And they aren’t sour.

But they aren’t wine either.

The Grapes of Wrath is on my list of books you find in Heaven.

I feel no wrath with these grapes.

They are perfect.

As you are :)

Thank you for visiting…

LOVE,  Lisa


  1. Wild grape vines seem to be overtaking part of my back yard, and I'm a bit torn between the potential for actual grapes and the sad fact that the vines might overrun other things —
    though they'll be other less tasty things...
    I love fresh grapes, even if they're a little sour.

  2. “Men are like a fine wine. They all start out like grapes, and it's our job to stomp on them and keep them in the dark until they mature into something you'd like to have dinner with.”
    Kathleen Mifsud
    Ok, I looked that one up but I did rather like it. :)
    My grapes are still green. I've been watching the birds and they show no interest in them yet so I guess they aren't ready to eat. I shall keep watching. :)Bea

  3. As they say...good things come to those who wait!

  4. Your right, men are like wine...
    Too much of 'em and you start to act crazy!
    Darla e-mailed me that she couldn't post a comment here. I wouldn't know how to check if it is a problem here, or on her end.
    Anyone know??


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