10 August 2009

I’m Be-Late

I have been taking a workshop with Suzi and have finally finished a project that I will be mailing to Austin.  You might remember it was my sister’s birthday July 29.  She requested I paint her a picture of Mary and it is finally finished!

Angela's Mary 001

I like her a lot.

Now I’m off to Costco.  Micheals and Borders are right beside.

Hail Mary, lead me not into temptation….

Peace kiddos!  Lisa


  1. She's so pretty! I'm sure your sister will be thrilled!!

  2. Oh Lisa...she's beautiful!

    Hope you find lots of Treasures at Michaels and Borders!


  3. Very pretty indeed! You must be taking the same Poetry and Goddesses class as I am. Looks like you've gotten a lot farther though.


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