13 August 2009

I’m outta here …

desk 001 My desk is clean and I’m ready to go! We’re going on vacation! If anyone knows me, they know it will be a quiickie on a count of my fear of leaving home. I’ll be back in 1 night 2 days. So, with that said, my desk is always this clean. I roll about the floor usually when I’m “creating”

We are going to Lititiz for the weekend (Sharon might know:) The town of Lititz is soo much more fun. They have, on the second Friday of each month, a party! of like-minded people, I hope. Anyway, I’m taking my portfolio and praying…

Sharon, you live in PA, any thoughts on Litiitz?

Please give a prayer for my friend Lulu and her Mom http://lulumoonmymuse.blogspot.com/and

and me, I’m taking my portfolio that has been turned down so many times. Hey, forget me, pray for people that need hope…I got it…

desk 002

Love to all, Lisa


  1. Have a delightful time, Lisa! Fingers doubled crossed for you.

  2. Wishing you success - have a wonderful time.

  3. Thank you sweeties :)
    I'm back and it was magical...
    Stay tuned
    xox, Lisa


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