24 August 2009

My beauty

mia bella 001 Please meet Bella Mia.  Go ahead, click on her and say something.  Something like “Wowza, you sure are a beauty!” 

I’ve been hand making book markers for hours, so

my hands hurt


my feet smell.

Go figure that out while I have a glass of wine.

Peace and Hugs, Lisa


  1. Welcome to the world Bella Mia.
    Move over, Lisa and hand me that wine. We shall think about things or not. :)Bea

  2. o my giddy god woahness wowzaaa to the freshly made artwork, ew to the feet. tmi mom. nah.. mine stinkt as well.

  3. Bella Mia is lovely. Thanks for sharing...now go wash your feet! LOL

  4. Welcome, Bella Mia. You are gorgeous.

    Any of that wine left, Lisa? My feet hurt and I need a sit and a sip.

  5. Is she not a little large for a book marker?
    Seriously though, she really is beautiful with a special sparkle in her eye. I bet you felt good creating her too.
    Allow me to 'chink' a glass alongside you! Cheers!

  6. Wowza, She is gorgeous!!!! Love the details.

  7. You are funny. And she is luminous! (that's a good thing)


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