08 September 2009

And some more nonsense

After all of the fun at the Kipona, we had to have a photo shoot of our Barber Shop.  It’s our little town’s 250 year anniversary.  The town is putting together a book to celebrate.  If you make a donation you can put a picture of your business, or whatever.

I don’t think I ever mentioned the Barber Shop.  After my Dad died, Deb and I opened a shop in his name.  (that’s where the real money comes from)  Deb is the Barber, I just sweep the hair and count the money, LOL. 

In June, Leo graduated from Barber school and has joined the business!  I know my Dad is getting the biggest kick out this.bbs 005 The outside. I know. We don’t own the building.  And apparently the landlord has no pride.  He lives in Hollywood…It’s not that bad.

DSCN0050 Here are the barbers.  You know Leo.  And the bigga-boss, AKA, Deb is on the right.

Then, they decided to look like the barbers in the old book.

DSCN0055 Deb, as Lloyd the barber.

DSCN0057Leo, as Dick the barber.

Laugh all you want.  It’s funny.

AND it’s a great life.




  1. How fun : ) I also like what you did to the top of your page : )

  2. OMG!!! this is waaaaaayyyy COOL!! a barbershop!! i love it!! i love everything about it! the facade is amazing and the inside is like in the movies!! your barbers are lookin hip and happening!! WOW!!!

  3. Looks just like a barbershop should. What fun styling the babers old style.

    I also like your new blog banner.


  4. That's SO cool! What a great town you live in!

  5. A small town barber, uh? How neat!And it is not a bad looking building. You should see the barber shops around here. Scarey.


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