15 September 2009

The best book.

Well maybe, probably not the best book ever, but I am still on the high I got from reading it.
I thought I read all of Ursula Hegi's books, but when I found this one at Borders for $3.99, I once again reminded myself that amazon.com is good, but a real touch, feel ,flip, scan, smell bookstore cannot be beat. Their displays and bargains and the browsing...
Anyway, this book is so...
First of all, if you are an artist (and aren't we all) one of the main charactors is a collage artist and you can actually feel her pain and pride and wonder and process of art. Yum!
Next, the characters in the book are so heart-breakingly REAL. they have such sadness, trauma
and optimism in their spirits that they become your family. (better than your family, actually because you don't have to clean their dishes)
Nextly and Lastly, Ursula writes like she was born to do it. She is not awkward or flowery or unrefined. Her writing flows naturally and flawlessly. It really was better than anything else I thought I should have been doing!
And since Bea mentioned a giftie in my comments...
I think I'm feelin it.
Check tomorrow for the whole scoop!
Love to everyone in the whole- wide- world,


  1. I will put this on my list to read!


  2. You tease, you!!!! humph :( Bea

  3. I'll have to check out this book, Lisa. Maybe take with me on my beach trip next month.

    ps-thanks for the comment on my last post. It helps to share these things sometimes. Then I don't feel so alone in this.

  4. Glad you got your Pasticcio!

  5. Not familiar with this writer but I'll definately have to check into the book as you say it is so good. I read a lot and always up for a new author.


  6. I like when people share their favorite book finds! I wish I had more time to read and some day I will! I'll keep this one on a little list :)
    Thanks for visiting!!

  7. I have not read this and will check it out! sending your world wide love right back to you!


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