19 September 2009

Give-away Love

I am so Loving Give-aways! I was giving at the Farmer's Market today, give and walk away, feels good. I need good Karma. I was thinking....if anyone mails me their real address, I will send a "giftie" as Bea calls them, until they are gone. I love you kids and want to show you that I do. I was going to do it for my birthday, but honestly, I hate my birthday, so let's do it now, before we all die! I don't need to pay the bills...pay it in small art! They might catch on, because there is nothing better in the world than GOOD mail, no?
Oh boy, I was just reminded that I have a show coming up.
I Have to have things to sell, and I have to make more...
So, I will do 3 people and then in November, I will indeed celebrate my birthday with more, OK? Sometimes, I forget to think when I am excited.

Oh, yeah, that's my baby!

Peace, love & fun stuff,



  1. Oh my, I'm first? I'll send my address privately and would be honored to receive one of your "gifties". You are too generous!


  2. lol!! i'm too shy to do this :) but i couldn't resist not saying anything on the tutu :) brings back much memories ... i did ballet for many years... how old is she?

  3. Since I already am receiving a "giftie" I will pass, with much ado. WELL........I like gifties. Anyway, I play nicely, most of the time. Just don't cut in front of me in line.
    MIA WHAT A GREAT PICTURE!!!!!!! I love it.
    She looks sooooooooooo beautiful. :)Bea

  4. Luthien, what do you mean you're too shy? I'm not going to hand deliver it naked, LOL! My Mia is 14, almost 15, acting like 28. She is half Italian, half Filipeno, a beautiful combo!

    Bea, yes she is a beauty. And I'm pretty sure she knows it...this week has been difficult.

    Thanks for commenting,
    xox, Lisa

  5. I would love a giftie, Lisa! I'll email my homebase to you.

    Love that pic.

  6. LOL!!! i'm always shy when participating with giveaways ... cos i live so darn faraway and when i think of the kind sender not only having to send a gift but also having to pay for so much postage *cringe* :P so since you'll do 3 this time and there are the other 3 ladies there :) i shall wait for your birthday ok :))

    mia looks really comfortable on points! i use to dread point work :) LOL!! they all are aren't they... the kids now behave so matured , sometimes it baffles me! my little 4 year old can surf youtube and download her fav singers' images from the net!


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