01 September 2009

I won a MeMe Award

One small award, seven, small (unknown) things about me.

I know, I just had to spill my guts with a windy post a couple days ago.

But, this is my first award.  And I rarely win anything tangible or otherwise, so I’m accepting this award proudly and awkwardly.

Thank you Kelly :)

(maybe you could teach me how to link people’s names with their blogs?)


me, tomatoes, headwrap 002

1) I am menopausal.  Not pre-menopausal.  The real deal.  Thank God, I can’t wait until my panties will only be ruined by uncontrollable bowels and really good laughs.


2)  I am a vegetarian.  I have been almost all of my life.  And since I can’t remember the taste of meat, or a memory of when I ate it, if at all,  I am living proof that veggies don’t starve to death. Not even close. /:


3) I am obsessed with reading about life in court.  Kings and Queens and paupers living on the edge.  How they believed a blood-line made a person a step underneath God.  The diseases and “cures”  So much fun to read.  My kind of horror novels.


4)  I love pasta and garlic and basil and bread and wine.  And naps in the afternoon.  Crooning and good shoes and kissing hello and good-bye.  And all things Italian.  It’s in the blood.


5)  I have 2 tats. A scorpion on my thigh. An angel in the middle of my shoulders, that I designed myself. Got both in my 20’s.  I keep forgetting I have them.My tat 001


6)  I think I am 32 yrs old.  Really.  I really do.  I know you feel like I feel.  Here’s a freebie…Who owns Peter Frampton Live on CD?  I do and while spring cleaning yesterday (i’m alittle behind) I found it!

Peter, meet i-pod shuffle!


7) I blog at night.  Outside. Down in our yard at the table.  Always with a glass of wine…

delte 007

Thanks again Kelly, Of Stars and Hummingbirds click on her over here--->




  1. Well, that was fun to read. Congrats on the MEME award. I raise my glass of wine. HERE HERE. I tried to be a vegetarian in my youth. It hasn't taken. I am in awe of those who are. :)Bea

  2. Always fun to read the answers to these little prompts.

    I think I've figured out how to comment on your blog now, it has to do with waiting for the word verify thing to show up. Waiting? Me? We'll see if it works.


  3. How fun to read!! It's fun getting to know people a little better, you sound like a fun and super interesting person! I am making pesto tonight! I think I lived in Italy in a past life. LOL
    Glad I found your blog♥

  4. Love reading more about you and learning some new things!! I love that you blog outside with wine!! Hmmmm...how could I drag my desktop out there everynight??? LOL, think it's time for a laptop!! xo

  5. So neat to know more about you, Lisa! I so love italian food with good wine. And I say you are only as young as you feel. 32 is a good age.
    A vegan, uh? *shudder* I am a carnivore. I so love meat. And I can only eat veggies raw. I hate cooked veggies.
    Now it is getting late. Go blog. We'll talk later.

    ps-to link names with urls-type name on blog, then click on it, then click on add link button, add link and name will become the link. It took me a while to figure it out, too. Luckily I have a geeky nephew.*grins*

  6. What a wonderful posting and so delightful to learn more about you! I love where you blog, what a dream, and all your "little secrets" were delightful!!
    PS. Still loving my headband and wanting another one in black and white - are you game?? ;-)

  7. First, THANK YOU ALL!
    I might have more unknowns up my sleeve.
    Bea and Kelly, you are what you are, I am not a reformer, just an informer.
    Darla, didn't realize I had a verify thingy, sorry how would I change that? AArrgg
    Darla with a heart...just read my comment, that's why I can't put anymore words out.
    SHARON! I wanted to go to your show in york!
    I commented, but, must have done something wrong. I couldn't find it...you DO always answer me. Glad you're back. Still, we live close-ish, we could meet.
    Thank you about the headband...That was vintage fabric, I'm not much of a sewer, so I'll see what comes my way.
    Triple love to you sweet peeps,

  8. My kids', grandkid's, and husband's team for a local labor day 5k is "We Win!" --- guess what? You did, too, again! See my blog...


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