10 September 2009

It’s “The Sarah Fishburn Show”

I think this is a link, I hope :)

This book will be in my mail box any minute now and I can’t wait!  I’ve been wanting it for awhile, but sometimes even a brat has to wait for the funds. 

Remember how I was one of three winners for sf’s contest?  I was bragging, dancing, bragging and singing and gloating.  I still think she let me win because I scared her a little with my constant stalking.  (Sarah, don’t worry, I am too scared to go the whole way to CO)

She is really quick on sending the goodies.  There are a lot of them.

I have to gloat and brag once more.  Sorry, I believe I’ve taken up sinning, lol.

Look at ALL of this Loot!

DSCN0065 Not a very good picture, but Mia and I were so very excited!

DSCN0066 An Enormous package of Art Postcards…too pretty to part with, but they must be shared. The book marker is already in use.

DSCN0067 A mirror with a velvet pouch, for my bag, although I think it is too lovely to swim with the crumbs in MY bag.  The other two are magnets.  These will come in handy to hide some of the rust on my fridge.

DSCN0068 AND   the big she-bang!  Just look at this necklace she has gifted me with so generously!  There are two sides to it, equally beautiful.

Thank You so effin much, Sarah, you have made the end of summer easier to bear.

Now, who can I scare into giving me stuff next? 

This is FUN!

Caio for now,

Lisa xo


  1. Very cool loot you got there. :)Bea

  2. YAY! I'm glad all arrived safely --- have to figure out a new contest soon ---

  3. Wooo Hoooo look at all those fabulous goodies! You lucky woman! LOL on the comment you left on my blog about the wineo name!! That would be my luck too lol! But Wine-o forever reminds me of Johnny Depp where he had his Winnona tat changed to wine-o forever LOL! I say drink up sister! xo

  4. oh girl you made out! she gave you some of her best baubles and I love the necklace!!! cat


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