20 September 2009

Revelation-or- Unraveled

I have been working on too many things at once. I’m trying to get ready for the best showing and opportunity of my…artistic life. I am throwing myself at the universe and…finally finished a painting of my Mia…. she’s been a challenge of late. Maybe that was why it was hard to finish…but I did and I think it its my best so far. Maybe you remember the first:

mia bella 001 She, has in real life, almost black hair, but I feel her as an angel. Mia didn't think it was her. She is right, that’s not her. But this is Look at her eyes, the shape of them…that’s what was wrong before! I am sure she looks more Asian now. She is half Filipino and half Italian, no blondes in our families. But I always see her as an angel, with light so bright you can’t see the color of her hair. This time, I have captured her!

Everyone is an angel on earth. Treat every body, every creature as you would expect to be treated at a fine hotel…

Thank you all for your comments, I love them so…

kiss kiss,



  1. BOTH the paintings are gorgeous!! but i really like the usage of colors in the first painting and the hair! beautiful my fren ... simply beautiful!

  2. If Mia is happy the universe is happy. :)Bea

  3. I agree...both paintings are super!
    I believe in angels...I know I have one looking after me.

  4. I love both of these paintings Lisa! I know you will have a wonderful showing :)


  5. Oh WOW they are beautiful paintings Lisa!! Love the book pages as her hair. Gorgeous, gorgeous!! xo

  6. love em both! and love your new profile piece!

  7. Loved the paintings, especially the first one, so ethereal.


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