30 September 2009


Over a month ago Tali, Imperfectly Perfect- Life as I see it , hosted a fun  ‘Gift and Get’  and it was fun.  I got great goods from  Tammy Sprinkle.  I know, you know.  I acknowledge.

I sent great goods.  An original print mounted on wood, carefully packaged, blown a kiss and sent (for $9shipping)

She never told me OR Tali  she received My Beloved.

She has a  non-functioning blog.

She is holding up the whole game. 

I try not to think lousy thoughts, but she won’t answer e-mail.

The person she should have gifted hasn’t responded either.

Maybe they are giving birth or serving time in Iraq.

But I thought That Bea had such a sweet post and THE best manners that I would use her (she said ok) example, of over-the –top  manners.

See below post.

And please…this is not for all of you love bugs.  This is an attempt to remind someone of…not living up to promises.

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  1. oh dear ... that's depressing. dun wanna think bad thoughts but it's been at least a month ... it would have arrived i'm sure. i sure hope she will respond soon.

    on a different note... i sent you a little note via the email address on your sidebar regarding the placemats :)) HUGS!!


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