24 September 2009

This one’s for Bea (not Beatrice)

My friend Bea (click on her, she is wonderful) wanted to know about my up-coming event.  And so I wouldn’t have to repeat myself, I figured I’d bore everyone at once.

DSCN0082 Maybe you remember me going

on&on about my trip to Lititz.  The artsy town 40 min away?  Well, Lori, the owner of my favorite shop

Lititz 011 here she is, cute as ever!Lititz 013 She graciously invited me to show my art for the above gig.  Not only that, but my Leo is going to play guitar in front of her shop.  We are looking forward to it, a Mom & Son gig.  Fun.  A little aside here:  Only yesterday did I realize, Mia’s favorite dance teacher, back from Italy, IS LORI’S DAUGHTER!  What?  Who doesn’t believe now?

Anyway, the town of Lititz is almost too great.  It feels like you have traveled far away to a place where everyone is happy and fruitful and accepting.  Like paradise.  Except closer. 

Enough about me, this is Bea’s blog…

Bea was born in PA, Philly, I think.  And I think she likes me because of the nostalgia factor.  Pretzels and what-not.

So, Bea, come to the Artisan’s Porch Walk.  See some beautiful things, meet beautiful people.  Have a glass of wine and remember what is good about PA.

You Could  stay with me.  Since I am a starving artist, I have no guest room.  But you could sleep here

DSCN0083 on my desk…or hereDSCN0084 in the tub…or here

DSCN0085 on the new rug (crocheted by a 92 year old artist) or else here

DSCN0086 in my hatch-back.

The choice is yours…how can you turn me down!?!! Especially when you read the bumper stickers, lol.


Peace Peeps.


PS  If I don’t hear from Bea by Monday, we’ll have another give-away

So start imagining where you want to sleep!


  1. She is so cute! I am headed over to check her out!


  2. Hey that tub is looking comfy! LOL! How cool that you and your son get to perform together! Awesome! xo

  3. that's a real cute post! lol!! :)

  4. Congrats on the gig - sounds like fun. Enjoy and positive vibes are sent your way.

  5. Oh I love Lititz, it's a darling town and they have a wonderful little bead shop too!

  6. lol, lisa, you always make me laugh and i *thank you* for that!! these bumper stickers are just priceless. if you were driving in front of me, i'd want to pull you over so i could meet you. ; )


    p.s. that bea is so damned cool i bet she'd sleep in any of these places...

  7. I am on my way! All of this sounds more than inviting! How cool is it that both of us have creative sons who play guitars... I hope to have him play on some upcoming projects I've got planned, too. Sweet!

    I'll take that rug spot. Well actually I'll just take the rug. I want it... Where can I get one??? Please email me of any upcoming shows you will be participating in. I'm just over the state line and am working towards driving farther, and farther, and farther away from home.

    Love the pics, Lisa! And your art!!

  8. Looks like Michele and Lillie Pad will be roommates in my bathroom! Sounds like fun! Hell, maybe I'll just sleep on the back of the toilet and we can have another guest for the actual bed.
    LMAO at you girls, I do so love a sense of the insanely humorous!
    Thank you ALL for your comments,
    The rug is a treasure and a steal at $8.00, I felt like I should do time in prison for that.
    Love and Laughs, Lisa

  9. WHAT A FUN POST! congrats on the gig and cannot wait to hear all about it!

  10. Aw I wish I was close enough to visit! Good luck to you! x

  11. ATTENION!!!!! I would come, I would sleep in your tub, drink wine on your patio, smile when Mia whirls, paw through all your art work, leave crumbs on the floor, pick flowers and leave them in unexpected spots, if only I lived closer. If only mountains, lakes, prairies, hills, cows and such did not stand in the way. sigh... :)Bea

  12. What a joyful post, I am smiling here. Bea is lovely lovely jubbly. she makes me laugh too. We both have big hair, that's what's brough us together isn't it Priti?? lol. I'll be back, as Arnie said.


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