14 September 2009

This weekend was…

Saturday morning, in the mail I opened this…DSCN0077

All of these treasures are from Tammy from Art and Inspirations.  We participated in Tali’s Blogger’s swap.  You give a piece of Art and receive someone else’s.  It was a fun idea!

DSCN0070Here I am wearing Tammy’s necklace.  It matched my Italian scarf perfectly!  Leo took me, my scarf and necklace to see the comedian, Jim Gaffigan.   Sarcasm at its funniest!

DSCN0069 Here Leo and I are anticipating laughing.  Nothing better than a date with your son :)


Breakfast (garden veggie omlettes, veggie sausage & bacon, organic grapes, homemade bread and this and that) at my Dad’s house.  A walk in the woods.  Sugar cane.

DSCN0072 Mia talked Deb into buying this 6 foot piece of sugar cane.  In this town.  This town that thinks soy milk is too exotic to put on the shelves.  Go figure.  Thankfully, her Daddy ate these as a kid in the Phillapines and knew how to eat it.

I spent an hour or two reading while they were sugar shopping.

I want to tell you about That  tomorrow.  It is sooo good it needs its own post!!

Oh, and today,

I’ll tell tomorrow.  Pinky swear.

Lisa xox


  1. Pink swear, huh? I think there is more to that promise than just that?
    Aren't gifties involved? :)
    Love the sugar cane and Mia chewing away on it. What fun a date with your son. :)Bea

  2. So many enjoyable moments for you. The gifts look great, yes the necklace does complement the scarf. Son and daughter moments to treasure.

  3. What a wonderful gift package to have arrived - enjoy!

  4. I am so glad you liked your pkg. I love that necklace on you with your dark hair and that gorgous scarf!


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