28 September 2009

Wadaya Think?

DSCN0089This is a box I painted and burned words into. It is for the show next week. I know, I know, now it looks like I am on a Mary obsession, maybe it’s true, but I have obsessed over her since I was a little Catholic kid. I had pictures of her in my purse.

On my walls. With the Bay City Rollers And Leif Garrett.

And, pictures of her in my head, every time I was praying. I always felt she understood me…and I still do. Probably more so.

That said, it seems she is popular with other folks, especially when teamed with the Beatles. So…I am shamelessly exploiting her.

(I asked, she is OK with it)

The problem is, is…It was a cigar box. Good cigars. It closes like a vacuum. But getting it opened is a bitch. Might not be a good selling point, unless someone wants to keep their cigars fresh. Or the ants off their cookies.

DSCN0091What I found fitting was the word ‘joyas’ printed on 3 sides.

The inside, I covered with this cool velvety paper.

DSCN0092 I hope someone will buy it

If not I’ll put in Etsy.

I wish when you put something in ‘your store’ it would actually be out of the house!! Where do you put things you can’t sell??

Or, possibly, I’m the only one with this problem.

Ciao Lovies,


PS. Check the link under here. My Mom sent it to me and it's worth your time :)


  1. She's beautiful Lisa! I wish I could attend your show!! I know you'll do fantastic!!
    Thanks for the visit and I'm going to check around for people to laminate for me :)

  2. HAVE A WONDERFUL TIME at your show.
    Don't worry about what sells and what doesn't. HAVE FUN! :)Bea

  3. I thought I did FOLLOW you. I was positive that I had already clicked that. Apparently, I didn't, so I did, and I am............now.........following you............wherever you are........does that make me a blog stalker? :)Bea

  4. Lisa : ) I got my prize in the mail : ) I love it and added it to my little art tree. Thank you

    Lisa D.

  5. No cigars for me but I'm sure I could find something to keep in such a beautiful treasure chest.

    Good luck with the show.

    Darla (the one in CA)

  6. Good luck with the show, Lisa! She's pretty.

  7. Love the box! Very pretty!!! Ohhhhh Leif Garrett!!! He kissed me at Peaches Records!!! No lie!!! Then I went to Aurthur Treachers Fish and Chips and I was still in such lala land that I took a huge gulp of hot chocolate, and I mean HOT chocolate and burned my mouth. I had blisters on the roof of it after that! LOL true story!!

  8. i think that someone will not mind if the box is hard to open - they'll know their treasures are secure in there, guarded by the beautiful Mary! and surrounded by joyas!!! xo

  9. Bonjour Lisa! WOW! I just adore your art! Nice meeting you! I will be dropping by often to see your new creations! Bonne chance with the show! Your Virgin Mary box is beautiful! Take care, LuLu

  10. tis the season for Mary's! way to go! I love the concept and the execution!

  11. Love the cross in your goddesses eye, stunning!


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