25 October 2009

I need your help, Lovies

I received an invitation this weekend from Sylvia

It sounds like fun, more fun and even global-ish fun.  Please, please read and volunteer.

It has a great pay-back, so let’s play it forward!

Call it Art Through Good Will!  :)

Thanks, more thanks and global-ish thanks,


PS. I made the changes to my letter already.

Please comment that you are willing to do this.

You will be pleasantly surprised.

Love to you all! 




Dear Sweet Lovies,

Welcome to The Art Exchange! Your work is so colourful, heart felt and needed…so wonderful to receive.

The Art Exchange is a one-time way to expand your arts and crafts networks while actually getting GOOD stuff in the mail. I've already done my part so I hope you'll join in too. PLEASE join in—it'll be FUN!

You have been chosen to be part of an awesome art exchange!  To participate please make one work of art/craft and send it to the person whose name is listed in the #1 position below.  It can be anything  - a drawing, a print, a zine, painting, an ATC, , a collage, a photo... whatever fits your niche and can be dropped in the mail within a week.

Then copy and paste this note into a new email (whilst adding whatever personal commentary you desire). Move my name and address from the #2 to the #1 position while deleting the current #1 name. Add your name and address in the now vacant #2 position. Only your info and mine should appear in this list when you send out your emails.

Finally, send this to 6 artist-friends. If possible, send it to people who don't know each other so it doesn't get stuck going around and around to the same crew. If you can't do this within one week, please let me know so I can invite someone else to make it fair for those participating.  You should receive 36 works of art!  The turn-around is fast. Best of luck!

I thought you might like to be a part of this exchange as it only requires you to make one little something and exchanges don’t get much easier than this really, LOL!




Sylvia Ballerini

207 Lennox Street

Richmond Victoria 3121



Lisa DiNunzio

219 S Railroad St

Palmyra, Pa  17078



  1. I am already doing this so I can't wait to see what I will get! I just got my piece of art ready to send out this afternoon and am mailing mine tomorrow! This is going to be so much fun!


  2. I got this, too. I would like to do this but I can't send any thing out for two weeks. I have to wait on a paycheck.

  3. Great idea but bad timing for me, maybe it will come around again sometime when I can participate. Can't wait to see what surprises you get in the mail.


  4. I would like to participate! but am unclear what where I mail it???? Would you please email me Lisa? Thanks

  5. I'm afraid I've already received an invitation from Soulbrush so can't volunteer to you too. But I will be doing it!

  6. I got four of these invites and would love to do it, and with x-mas fast approaching cannot.... : (

  7. This is everything included, an art chain, cool!
    Thinking about different standard of paints, I think you adapt and get use to what you have. If you feel comfortable with the ones you have, this is perfect.
    Thank you so much for you're lovely message.


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