23 October 2009

Junk shops are good places to find old treasures

Today I had lunch with an old friend. Not that she is old, we have been friends a looong time. Since we were 10. That is 35 years.

We were best friends all through middle and high school. She is perfect. Her hair is the blonde, shiny, swingy kind I always covet.

She was voted best artist when we were seniors.

She looks good in clothes. She has impeccable taste. She can do everything; sew, garden, reupholster, build and I found out today, she can also can (food) And probably can-can, too. I forgot to ask.

Beside her I always felt furry and unfinished.

It wasn’t her fault I felt that way. She is unassuming, natural and seemingly unaware of how fabulous she is.

She was maiden of honor at my thrown together wedding.

I was maid of honor at her, totally styled by Beth, perfect wedding.

She did all of the flowers and even sewed her own gown, better than any designer.

My kids were the ring bearer and flower girl.

Then, life flies by. Even though we live 10 minutes apart, we never saw each other. Christmas cards with pictures of our kids. Then, after computers were invented, the occasional e-mail and promises to ‘get together’

You would think I would bump into her at the grocery store or post office at least once in all these years.

Last Friday, on my weekly lunch with Mia at the thrift store with a cafe, there she was, same as she ever was.

Today we met at the same place. It was really, really fun.

She is the same…perfect and beautiful.

I think I am different though. I didn’t feel furry and ruffled.

I think, finally, I am getting used to myself.

xox, Lisa


  1. what a wonderful post my fren :)) heartfelt and courageous! we are always our own worst critic ... for all you know, if your fren had a blog she would be writing exactly the some things about you :) you may not think so, but to me, you are beautiful, feisty, dynamic, talented, artistic and absolutely fabulous :))

  2. beautiful post Pretty Lisa! I am so glad for you! there is nothing more beautiful than a woman in love with herself! I fought the same battle as you with my curly unmanageable hair and short curvy italian body!
    thanks for being so brave and sharing your spiritual accomplishment! xo

  3. Isn't it wonderful to discover you love yourself? I think reconnecting with old friends is a great thing and apparently the Universe had a lesson for you in all this.


  4. How wonderful to catch up with an old friend, somebody that you shared things with.
    How wonderful that she is the same or seems the same to you. And, I suspect that you seem the same to her and that she never thought you furry. She knew how beautiful you were and waited until you realized that about yourself. :)Bea

  5. This is such a cool post I think mostly all of us (except for possibly Mia) can relate to. Congratulations on your discovery (albeit late) of your own complete fabulousness.


    PS - I have the hardest time commenting even though I also have a blogspot. It takes me several tries to figure how to log in and then I always forget which combination worked.


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