16 October 2009

One more post

In between bragging about my shiny boy and my friend Luthien and my house cleaning, I forgot to mention MY accomplishments this weekend.  Not all of the whopping $215 I made this past weekend was from bookmarkers (and 2 necklaces) I also sold this painting 

and this Frida, who I almost didn’t take with me, 1002354 because people around here just don’t understand.  Happily, the lovely Joanne, from JP Interior Design, bought it for her new B&B.  Isn’t that wonderful?

Thank you so very much Joanne!


Just as wonderful, her sister Valerie commissioned me to do a piece for her.  So much better than Penn State bar stools, or flowered walls, this is a portrait of Frida!  Could my muse and I be more happy? I couldn’t. I hope Frida is on board.

Thank you Valerie! 

I will be working on this for the next week at least.

I am awe-struck by those of you who can paint so quickly. 

I guess I suffer from…some disease.

Most likely ‘interruptive family’

I don’t have health insurance, but that’s OK…

I’m not sure I want a cure…

Ciao, Lisa

PS. I have so much fun reading and commenting to you all…your blogs are fun with a capital yum!


  1. wowee!!! congratulations on the massive sales!!! that's just so cool :)) is so rewarding when someone buys your product isn't it ... it's like being appreciated :))

    "I am awe-struck by those of you who can paint so quickly" ... YO!! me too! :))

    thanks again for the mention! you are such a sweetie :)) hehehe :)) MUAX!!

  2. Rats! I was going to buy the girl on the pumpkin but was waiting for my paypal account to plump up a bit. I procrastinate too much:)
    Glad she found a good home though.
    I know what you mean about 'people around here don't understand'. I think a lot of my art would cause brows around here to crinkle a bit! LOL
    But WE totally get it, don't we? Yeah!
    Have a great weekend and happy painting!

  3. Congrats on the sales!!! I can't wait to be able to hear your son sing somehow! You've had a great week!! xo

  4. Lisa that I SO wonderful that you had all those sales! Congratulations my dear :)

    I have been away for a bit so I need to see what I missed on your Blog!


  5. Congratulations! they are both beautiful!!!

  6. Lisa,
    Isn't it the most awesome thing to create something that speaks to others to the extent they are willing to PAY MONEY for it??!!

    I don't know if you remember, but I am Joyce's daughter and we ran into each other at the health food store in Annville last summer.

    I am adding you to my blog list. You rock.


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