13 October 2009

Pssst…don’t tell the IRS I made $215

I did, I really did make a killing!

LOL,LOL. All in bookmarkers. So, you lucky peeps that own one (my beloved friends) NOW you know the value of my love.

My boy shone.DSCN0112

He was sickly, but with a mom like me, you know…


DSCN0109 There is the faithful drummer, Jake.

They made money and groupies. And sold CD’s.

I would like to sell their CD here, but I want you to hear it first.

How do you do that, I wonder??

(Lord Jesus help me…I’m fallin’ down the stairs. MY SHOE!)

Sorry, Eddy Murphey just started typing.

Did I lose anyone? Hope not. I need ALL my friendies.

Meanwhile, I’ve been detoxing. The house.

It was decorated for halloween. All by itself. You know, cobwebs and spiders and fake vomit.

Just kidding about the fake vomit…

Our cat is too polite for that nonsense.

Detoxing myself, too.

Salt bath, on advice, that I think of as orders. (thanks Bea)

As always, love, peace, hope and…what did I forget?


Lisa the Pleaser


  1. Hi Lisa. I come via my amiga Lulu's blog just to stop by and say hello. This is my first time here and I hope you don't mind if I visit. I'll read some of your posts. I enjoyed your profile. Peace.

  2. Great about your sales. I'm the happy owner of one of those bookmarks so I know just how terrific they are.

    Looks like you had a great day.


  3. wowee!!! that's AWESOME!!! lol!! i won't tell anyone :)) shhhh.....i'm an oyster ....

    your boy sure looks very "into it" ... COOL!!

  4. Totally awesome! I LOVE my bookmark that you sent me :) It's amazing!
    This was a fun post to read, love your sense of humor!!
    Thanks for your nice comment today also♥

  5. I have a bookmark, I have a bookmark (go back and make sure you are singing those first words in a singsongy voice) from Lisa!
    But, CUPPIECAKE, I did NOT need to have a price on them to know their value or YOURS.
    You must come out of the water now. You are all wrinkly and making prune faces.
    Be sure to pull lots of bright light down through the top of your head and out through all the pours of your body. Pretend you are a lightbulb. OMG you are so bright I need my sunglasses. :)Bea

  6. Lisa,

    I watched you make a killing Saturday! But you could only see my back!!

    Those who dream by day are cognizant of many things which escape those who dream only by night.
    Tom :)

  7. Hooray! Doing a little happy dance for you. No! Stay in the tub. You do not need to join in.

    If those bookmarks looked as good as the one you sent me I am not suprised that they sold like maple suyup covered hotcakes.

  8. i am thinking happy thoughts because i just read your joy full post... thank you for the smiles and congratulations on $215! woo! xo


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