15 October 2009

Take a Peek

I love to look at other’s  homes.  I  love Decor.  I love Voyeurism.  And so do you. After we bought the mantle, it sat, til I could make it part of the Familia.  Here she is with a mirror for the fire.  (check the hand painted floor-age)

.DSCN0148 I know. you are all jealous, but wait… here’s the rest…

DSCN0146 DSCN0001 (2) My Art.

DSCN0149 My chair.  My Frida.DSCN0147 DSCN0151 My Dad’s dresser, sealed and kept as is.  Beauty, I think (or stink)DSCN0152

DSCN0153 This is a remake of a piece of garbage.  Now it is a throne.  For the cat.

DSCN0154 DSCN0156 The back wall is all discarded wine crates.  I took them apart and jigged them into the back wall.  Sounds nutz, but it looks beautiful…to me.

DSCN0157 Cross obsession.

DSCN0158 Mamma, brought this set with her on the boat from Italy. There were 6 cups. 2 are broken(not thrown away) and the other is in my studio…BECAUSE I USE THEM!

DSCN0159 Old wine decanter. Just put ice in the pouch and your wine is cold, not watery.  Pretty.  Good idea.  I never use it though.  Wouldn’t want to break it.

DSCN0161 So this is my ‘shot-gun’ house.  It is what it is.  It is where love lives. It is my home.

Click on the pics.  Or not.


Triple Huge Yummy Light on all of you…

It’s OK to to touch the light.

Stick your finger in it.

Taste it.

Kinda like honey, no?




  1. BEAUUUUUUUUUUUUUUTIFUL home, Lisa! Love the colors, the art, the stuff - WOW!
    : ) lulu

  2. O...M..G!!! your home is beautiful!! so eclectic and eccentric! i really really love it! the warm walls and the dark woods make the place feel like a holiday home and SPA!! and your artwork and collection looks absolutely inviting!! what a wonderful place to call home!

  3. The Milky Way tastes like Raspberries.
    Your house is beautiful and full of warmth and love and color.
    Thank you for sharing a very personal peek at your special space. What a neat idea to use the wine boxes as wall covering.
    But, then you are a very talented person.
    I'll just have a cup of tea in one of those delightful mugs and go sit over there by Papa's chest. It looks like a very good spot to sit. :)Bea

  4. I love your home. It looks very inviting and fun-like you. You have such cool old stuff.

  5. What a happy place you have. I love your use of color and the fact that you have your own artwork everywhere.


  6. Thank you e1. I think I am a good photographer, the place looks fab!
    Really it is a shot-gun style duplex with awful neighbors! Nothing to be envied... except maybe my pride and optimism :)

    Darla, my artwork is everywhere because nobody else wants it! LOL
    Lots of Love, Lisa

  7. I just love your home Lisa. It's beautiful and creative and awesome. I'm jealous! Oh, I have awful neighbours too! Snap.


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