04 October 2009

Thank You Post for a Thank You Gift

My friend, the other Lisa D. (Creating Art in the burbs ) answered my post where I shamelessly begged for a compliment and in return, the compliment-er would get a prize. I know, pathetic, right? Well after she told me how wonderful and generous I was, I mailed her an eensy-weensy token of my gratitude.

I was sooo overwhelmed to find a package from her in my mailbox on Thursday...the same day I got my bag from Suze. I didn't want this sweet piece of art to share the lime-light.
Thank You overly much Lisa!
If you don't already, do your self a favor and visit her blog. She is very talented.
There is a co-star to this post, my new banner.
We were at the Jubilee Shop Saturday (like a Good Will) and Leo found the perfect vest!
If he wants to quit barbering and teach Kindergarten. I'm still laughing...quietly to myself.
Love to ev-1,
PS. Thank you for all of my comments. I love when people share my joy! And laugh at my silliness!
PPS. Sylvia (Studio Sylvia) I can't comment on your blog OR e-mail you:( I wanted to say...


  1. Hi there, I've come over from Bea!! Thank you for visiting my blog and your comment. Any friend of Bea's is a friend of mine! I'm going to have fun here. I love that jacket, it's fabulous. xxxx

  2. LEO you charmer you. What a cutiepattootie.
    Nice gift from Lisa, she must be the second in a kazillion, right? HEY, GINA WAS HERE!
    Gina lives in Ireland. You have to check out her blog. She has wild hair, really, honestly, WILD HAIR and she works in her yard from dusk to dawn. :)Bea

  3. Lisa Lisa Lisa : ) Thanks You gotta love this blog world were people just send you stuff : )

  4. Aw, I love the new look of your blog! Thanks for all the kind words sweet girl...my link is
    (i hope that works) : )

    have a great week! xxx


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