05 November 2009

3 Fun Things


Here’s what is good about eating out (besides the obvious reasons)Deb ordered General Tso’s bean curd.  Can you see the ginger flower?  So pretty.

DSCN0206 God, I wish I knew how they make that!  I had the best thing EVER! Spicy pineapple fried rice with peas, cashews, carrot, raisins and shrimp.  I am not a fan of seafood, so I don’t know why I didn’t ask for tofu instead.  Just my ‘don’t be so difficult’  personality.  I like to pretend I am easy-going.  I save all the persnickety behavior for the people I love :)

DSCN0207 Anyway, shrimp aside, it was so very delicious…sweet grilled pineapple and spicy MMMmmm.

Mia had Lo Mein, which everyone has seen.  So…………………


Here is what is good about Costco, again, beside the obvious.

Horseback Riding of course!!

DSCN0209 WoW.  That’s all I can say

Also Micheal Jackson’s new CD for $12.  And the usual heavy stuff you have to drag into the house and find somewhere to stuff it.


Here’s what you can do with broken pointe shoes and sharpies and an imagination.  I wonder where Mia gets all her creativity…and her hair???

DSCN0221DSCN0215 Well look at the time,

it’s 3:00, and I have to get dressed an hour early today.  Ballet pictures before Ballet class.  I’ve been making ornaments all day and now there is no time to show you…another time I guess.

Ciao and amore,


(BTW, Luthien, you silly, Mia dances, I just drive.  Your comment about me dancing did put a smile on my face though. )


  1. YUM! The photos and fun for the day are great!

  2. So are you wearing Mia's shoes or is she? I love them. Ornaments and no pictures?
    I can just hear the loud speaker in the store, cowboy needed in isle 4, lasso those wild women. :)Bea

  3. hahaha!!! i knew mia danced ... i thought the mommy too! you'll never know ;) i love those ballet shoes! wish i had that sort of creative mind during my ballet days!! i think my teacher would have flipped!! ahahahaha!!! hey... you should get mia to make somemore shoes like that and sell them on etsy ... but new point shoes would be expensive right? maybe baby ballet shoes?? i think they'll sell like hot cakes!!

    man... that dish looks like a platter!! do they serve everything that big there??


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