19 November 2009

3 Things to Blow About


1)  Today is Overall –Eve…and a very ugly one at that, but I was trying to be creative with what I would wear tomorrow…


I was thinking about wearing them without a shirt…and backwards!  

But, No Peeking til International Overalls Day!


2)  I was mildly productive these past 2 days.  I made 3 ornamentals

They are not Christmas Ornaments, but they could be.  I also made a painting…which tanked.  Oh well, Live and Let Die (some state’s motto, I think, Maine??)  ANYway…

DSCN0294 DSCN0280 DSCN0271 Taking pictures on a day that is grayer than gray is worth crying about.  IT IS!

I will list these buggers tomorrow or Saturday in my etsy 


3)  number 3…oh yeah,  my post down below, about the street children…remember?

The auction isn’t until March!  What in the world do you have planned for January and February???

Thank you for looking,

and I can’t wait to see you all in your overalls tomorrow:)



  1. I have big plans for resting in Jan and feb! and in March I am going to Art Fest! In April I am teaching again and I am going to do an online class!
    no seriously I will check into it!!! : }

  2. January is the big annual school holiday time in Australia, Me? I won't be returning to teaching so I will enjoy and totally relish the fact that I won't have to get school stuff organised. March I will be attending Judy Wilkenfeld's workshop, at Creative Souls' Retreat. Overall's? Nah! Don't have a pair. I like the ornaments.

  3. Super ornaments. Oh, now I see about the overalls (I'm reading backwards you see) lol. I don't have any. Shame. Anyway, I've missed the date now. Huurrumph.

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