09 November 2009

I Love the Whole Wide World!

I worked all day on my shop. I hope you will visit and give me suggestions…like

you would love to own something, but it’s too expensive

( never know, I AM crazy generous) or...something else like

“what are you thinking…go back to tending bar, wench”

(again, never know I AM crazy…)

Seriously, I would like feedback, advice, pretty please?


I have more crap…ahem…fine art

to unload…again the cough…sacrifice.

I will be expanding all week. In more ways than one. ;/

Tomorrow is Verna Ann’s Birthday…Rock on Baby Girl!

Amore, Goddesses, Lisa


  1. Just catching up. I tried the link to your shop and get a "no such place" message (or something like that). I did enjoy looking at all your creative ornies in the previous post tho.



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