28 November 2009

ma che`re amour

Inspiration Avenue picked the word “French” for this week’s challenge. I think almost everyone would have a ka-jillion ideas for this one. Not me. I loved reading about Napoleon and Marie Antoinette, but never made any art with French seasoning. Here is my offering…another Gift Box.

DSCN0333The sides have vintage French text from a swap with Tammy from Art and Inspirations

Thanks Tammy!!! There are hand-made tiles, some jewelry bits, and a heart that was the star of my cigar box full of treasures when I was a kid. I don’t know if it is toxic or not. :/ It hasn’t given me any health issues, but neither did second-hand smoke or the paint on my crib.


I’m putting her in my shop.

LOVE to all and a special Love Note to LuLu from Coastal Sisters

Thank you for catching my mistake and saving the day SuperWoman!

PS: My shop is full to the gills and I slashed prices :) Cheers!


  1. i love your boxes & this is perfect for the french theme! keep em coming....

  2. I love this box, especially the tile on top! I'm scooting right over to see your shop, can't wait to see what I discover!

  3. Adorable box. Tisk, tisk, cuppie cake, you can't say you didn't have any ill effects from your crib paint if you never chewed on it and second hand smoke? Who knew you could hold your breath for so long.
    Seriously, though, when I think of the long car rides, in my parents 54 Chevy, packed in the tiny back seat with my two step sisters and my parents smoking non stop. It's a wonder I can even breath today.But, I can and aren't you lucky for it? :)Bea

  4. I love your box!

    You are so welcome sweetie!


  5. We do have to be careful when we name our pieces. You see, you were sensible with this one - Stevie Wonder is crooning in my head most pleasantly. However, I named a painting poker face on Monday and I will still singing the annoying tune on Friday - aghrrrrr!!
    Anyways, am liking the box a lot, including the potentially toxic heart. I bet it could tell a few tales of the contents of that treasure box over the years!!

  6. This is stunning! What a fantastic piece this is !

  7. Gorgeous box - and very French! Love the little red heart!

  8. you nailed FRENCH right down girlfriend!

  9. A lovely piece of art! I love, love, love it.

  10. woah!! gorgeous box my fren :)) love your random tile work! so unique :))

  11. Love those boxes! It's just gorgeous!

  12. So dreamy, your art box and mirror are super beautiful.
    Caught a few dust bunnies yesterday, he, he, he! They are so cute couldn't tell them to go outside. Looking at me with their big cute eyes, I just could resist! The little terrors have messed up my art room already. Psssst!
    "Don't tell anyone, it was me"
    Love the sea blues on your necklace, I don't know what it is about this colour, gives richness and calm all at the same time.
    Have a great day Lisa!


    P.s Hoping your painting turns up with Mr Postie shortly!

  13. This box is gorgeous I absolutely love it!! You always do such fabulous work!


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