15 November 2009

Me and My Hair

I have been battling my hair for forever.  When I wear it down, it totally takes over and I look like Donna Summer.

o_pqt8gxHZ23QsFIh DSCN0257

And when I pull it back, I think I look just like Mary Todd Lincoln.

Do you think Frida copied Mary’s hair style?


Mia straightened my hair, and this is how I look without the bush.DSCN0261

DSCN0260 Wow!  I feel so skinny!

I can even comb it!  Thanks Mia!

Have fun today everyone,

Lots O Love, Lisa


  1. Ooooo, uber glam girl. LOVE IT! I love how Mia straightened your hair! You look so pretty!

    Happy Sunday!

  2. you me and our hair! same problem, different heads! I swear by texturizing scissors and my straightener! : )

  3. oh wow!! you look absolutely vogue!!

  4. I love the Frida look. I love the "skinny" new look. :)Bea

  5. Oh haha I have the same hair! It's a bush when it's not straightened, and when straightened, it feels like I have only 1/4 of the hair I had previously. If that makes any sense.

    I like your new look!

  6. hee! agree with luthien! you look positively vogue now!! xo

  7. You look so beautiful Lisa, what gorgeous cheeks and smile you have. What thick hair. My nana had good hair like you. Even when she was old the hair dressers would comment on her lovely thick hair.
    Wow, you do look like Mary.
    Thank you Lisa for your encouraging message.
    Was such a nice suprise.
    Coming over to your blog I certainly can feel your positive vibes and beautiful character.
    Truly enjoyed reading your blog.
    Have a great day! No, Have an awesome day!!!!!!!!



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