24 November 2009

Read this. It’s Fun!

I have been busy rolling around on my studio floor. I do have a desk, but even though I start out there, I always end up on the floor and 3 hours later, I need to pee and it is an inner debate on how badly I need to. It is REALLY hard to get up…and…I AM a camel…

Anyway, here is the Fruit Stand:

DSCN0311 DSCN0314

These 2 are the same, yet different. Same idea. Different frames.

Same artist. Same words. Both are sweet.

DSCN0317 This is a menagerie of junk and hand made tiles. Smashing.

DSCN0318 close-up of the in-lay.

Here are some necklaces made from prints of my art.

DSCN0320 DSCN0322

They and others are in the front window at the Barber Shop. Of all of the places I put my Junk treasures, here is where I have the best luck. I think the barbers talk me up :)


I will be putting these fruits of my labor of love in my etsy shop no matter how much time I waste!

Love Love Love,


PS: If you are ever stuck on the floor, having someone say

‘Cocktail Hour’ is more motivating then smelling smoke!


  1. A woman of my age avoids getting DOWN on the floor. A woman my age prefers soft comfy chairs, recliners, heated car seats, NOT the cold hard ground. Because a woman of MY age with replaced metal knees does NOT GET UP well from the floor. It's not pretty. It sends small children screaming from the room, it makes small cats and dogs, roll on their collective backs and giggle.
    So, I'll pour the wine while you get UP OFF THE FLOOR!!!!!! :)bEA

  2. I am truly LOL!
    you are an adorable camel!
    love your work and I know they will all sell out!
    and happy tday!

  3. Lisa, your neklaces look lovely and they are definitely not junk! I can just picture you on the floor. Mmm cocktails would be a jump start everytime,I'm sure. The usual time that I am on the floor? When I'm grooming Zulu. The new banner looks great.

  4. Love you and your work Lisa! Your 'p.s.' cracked me up! You're so fun!
    Happy Thanksgiving sweet friend!

  5. lisa, i am thinking about you on this thanks giving day! sending you love and trusting that you're having a beautiful one! xo

  6. hey girl! the mirror is awesome and your pendants are so pretty!! and what a nice display you have in front of the barber shop! have you always been selling there as well??


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