27 November 2009

Skip to my LuLu!

I just bought 5 of these little jewels.  I am over the moon.  I haven’t been this excited since Obama won the election!


These are LuLu’s from My Pink Turtle.  Mostly everyone knows her, but if you don’t go look.  The first time she put these for sale in her shop, someone bought them all before I could decide, so hurry! 

We don’t exchange gifts in our family, so they are all for me :)

There are 2 more I want and 7 is a better number than 5 and it is still early and they are affordable and…

They will be a perfect charm bracelet!


Boy, you are lucky, this was going to be about MY art, but thanks to low energy bulbs and the constant grayness, the pictures were very unflattering.  I was disappointed, as I thought for once I would be ahead of schedule.

But then I went shopping and all is good.  I’ll just have to bore you with my stuff tomorrow…

Love til then… Priti Lisa

PS:  Do what I do.  Buy Handmade.  Everyone should have original gifts, everyone should own art…treat your family and yourself.

Support our community!


  1. I am buying nothing but handmade again this year. Pinkie Swear!!

    HOpe you had a great day!


  2. Hi Lisa, These LULU mounted prints are fabulous. I was the one that bought the first horse one. I was waiting for them coming on and couldn't resist. Your so right, they are affordable and very beautiful. I havn't received mine yet. So keeping a look for the post lady.
    Talking about post. I posted your painting this morning via the post office. I needed to print off four sheets for fedex and didn't have the ink in my printer. The post office do this for you, lady said it takes 4-5 working days so should be with you on Friday at the very latest.

    Keep me posted and thank you so very much.


  3. Nice! Her art is so happy and colorful!
    Enjoy your weekend,

  4. OOOoh, you sure know how to spend my money. I will soon be the owner of her Frida painting. sigh.........:)Bea

  5. Lovely art!

    I have something for you. Please visit my blog to see it.

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