06 November 2009

Wake me when it is N0vember 8

DSCN0230Here are flowers from my new/old best friend. They are from her garden. Beth is the only person around here that has beautiful summer in her garden in November. She took me to lunch for my birthday (which she knows full well I have a strong aversion to) and it was really fun again. It is fun remeeting someone I knew so well in our past life. She is the same, yet… MORE, somehow. It is comforting and exciting at the same time.

As I mentioned, I really can’t stand my birthday. I have always hated the burden of it. You know, the celebrating, the gifts, even the cake and candles. It has always been the biggest chore to put on a party face and not hurt everyone’s feelings, when all I want to do on November 7th is stay in bed. Unless it falls on Tuesday and I have to vote for some criminal (our new president is not included…yet) So, I don’t do it anymore. Simple. It’s my birthday, what do I want? Easy, I want to pretend it isn’t :)

I always want to give my Mom a gift, this is really HER day, the day I changed her life forever. And I know it hasn’t been easy. So…here is my cheapie gift this year…15 minutes of fame in Blog-land-ia. It is a gift for everyone, too.

Wisdom from my Mom:

The best thing my Mom ever told me was in 1989.

I had recently announced that I (single, 25) was pregnant.

I was happy about it. I felt I was right on schedule...

the schedule I had mapped out when I was 16 and still living at home.

Anyway, it was Christmas-time and Mom gave me a card with these words:

I Love You Enough to...

leave your responsibilities in your hands and assume my own.

It didn't mean she wouldn't be there for me...she was.

It meant that she trusted and respected me enough to butt out...

until I asked.

It was and IS the best gift anyone can give to someone they love.

Nothing shows love like respect and trust.

I still have the card...I often read it to remind me...

how to give my children the best gift a mother can give.

Thanks Mom , for having me (I guess) and for being my biggest fan for 45 years!

Love with a capital L-O-V-E!

PS: She also always said "Pee-Pee, Wash your hands and Brush your teeth"

before we went any where, especially bed. Good advice, I put those words to music for my kids. Just imagine, I don't do you-tube.


  1. hey happy birthday hon!!! i hope you dun mind a wish :)) you are right ... the greatest thing anyone can give to anyone is trust and respect :)) it's always nice if someone takes you out on your birthday ... just no cakes and song plsssss....

  2. Well, I posted a very happy UN Birthday song last night but I don't see it here. :(
    I was in such good voice, too. :(
    And, NOW, I have to sing
    HAPppppppppppppppppppppppppY BIRTHDAY DEAR
    Happy Birthdaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay to youououououououououUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!

    It's really frustrating not be be able to change font, size or colors for comments!


    Create. :)Bea


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