02 December 2009

All About the Girls

I don’t get to watch Oprah too often, then, when I do, it turns out to be about some celebrity I don’t care to watch.

Yesterday, she re-aired a show that I had to see, about women and children in the parts of the world that seem to be forgotten.

They aren’t forgotten, they just aren’t talked about. Nobody knows.

Women and children are being raped by soldiers, beaten down by their husbands and starved to death by their communities.

The are dying in childbirth and being sold as sex-slaves.

While we complain about the weather, the economy and traffic.

I know. Bummer. But, there is an easy way to help, to get on the band wagon, to BE THE CHANGE YOU WANT TO SEE IN THE WORLD!

Some ways are free. Some cost a couple bucks. Watch…

More ways you can help women and children all over the world

Click on the G to watch the video. Click on the link to do more.

I have decided to donate 20% of all my sales in my shop to help these women, their children, husbands and ultimately humanity.

I am really eGlobalGivingxcited about this and I hope you will join me :)

At least watch the 45 second video…it’s not sad, I promise.

Thank You!

Peace and Love,



  1. you are an angel my fren :) bless you! thanks for sharing this with the community...

  2. Lisa, This is so sad. Sometimes I get really mad at men. It is a wonder I am married.
    I have a lovely hubby!
    These poor souls! The world is so far behind still, with fights and war and sheer bullying.
    You go girl in the help for these precious women and their babies.

    Hoping you recieved the painting. The post office said 4-5 days, and should be this.
    Keeping my fingers crossed you will see it shortly.
    Keep me posted!



  3. Sigh.....again. I posted a comment and it went some place else. Why do they run away from me?
    Well, I think the video is great, I think it's great that you posted about this. Did I tell you I LOVE your picture as Frida's twin?
    I hope this post stays put. :)Bea


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