27 December 2009


When I think of the word believe, I think of magic.  I play games of make-believe in my head all of the time.  Head in the clouds is what one of my teachers called it. 

To me, day-dreaming,or imagining, or wishing…it’s just my reality.  I always imagine things the way I wish they were.  Then, I try to re-create my dreams into my life.  A lot of times, they don’t work…the first, second, or sixth time.  But, always, sometime between the idea and the point of despair, something magical happens.  Not quite the way I imagined it, but joyful and beautiful just the same. 

I believe that I can.  And so I do.

And I never, never, NEVER give up.

DSCN0467  This is my piece for this week’s challenge, Believe.  Go to Inspiration Avenue to see everyone else’s.

Peace, Love and Magic, 



  1. I really love this one! Is that polymer clay? I love the distressed look you've given it.

  2. This is perfect Lisa and the piece is fabulous!! I love what you wrote and it's a welcome reminder to me. I've struggled with these concepts this year which has been so difficult because I've always been a dreamer - not good for a dreamer to lose her dream. I'm working on it though and your posting brought me one step closer - thank you♥

  3. I think the difference often beteween success and failure is that successful people just refuse to give up!

    I love your challenge piece Lisa - it looks like an aged tablet, carved by a wise woman in an ancient civilisation, and re-discovered centuries later!

  4. AS with all your work; I LOVE this piece! Wonderful colors and interpretation of the concept!

  5. I was thinking there was something biblical about it too! Keep letting the magic happen...

  6. You are such an inspiration! Please never take your head out of the clouds. You create magical stuff from there!

    As you said, if we keep trying, we may not get the outcome we envisioned but we may get something even better.

  7. aaw very neat is that a box lid or pendant


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