17 December 2009

The Dancing Girl


Here is my commission piece.  It is my version of Klimt’s

frieze “ Dancing Girl “  His was done on marble with enamels,

metal, gold and jewels.

Mine is on a hand made wood canvas, with acrylics, papers,

metal and crystals.

Off she goes, to become a special gift from Mother to Daughter.

Thank You, Valarie.  It is always a joy to bring your ideas to life!

DSCN0294 I added the crystals after i took this somewhat mediocre picture.

Have a great Thursday!


  1. Lisa, this is beautiful and I know the recipient of this gift is going to love it! Well done!


  2. Oh it is so beautiful and funny at the same time. I can imagine her saying "dance with me if you dare" in a self righteous, but cool way!
    Love it!

  3. This is stunning, Lisa! I love her face, and the dancing, swirly thingies draw my eye right to her! The recipient should be very happy!

  4. this is absolutely stunning my fren! very eclectic, actually it's got a touch of art from the time of ancient egypt! i love the gold tone of this piece :))

  5. Wow, she's fabulous! I can't imagine painting on marble and I certainly think wood is a much easier starting form. Great work!


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