18 December 2009

Everyone’s a Winner

Yep, everyone is a Priti Winner!  I have most of your addresses, except:




Please send them to me soon, as I hope to have everything packed up (including a lunch) to wait in the looong line at the Post Office. 

You may, or may not get the pictured giftees, but they were all made with love with my own bare hands.  I have a very blessed life and it is fun to share the joy…it just gets bigger.

Here is the even bigger, better news:

So far this month, I get to donate $70 to my favorite charity.

20090925-tows-girl-effect-120x90[1] Thank You Chickies, for helping me :)


Let your Love Light Shine!

xox, Lisa


  1. That's wonderful news Lisa - it's always such a good feeling when we can donate to our fav. charities!

  2. What are you having for lunch? How many people ahead of you in line, when you got to the post office. Did it snow there yet? Girl, I just have way to many question UNANSWERED! SIGH...... :)bEA

  3. woohoo!!!!!!!! Great job and great feeling!

  4. congrats to all the winners!!!
    and thanks for coming by the shop! xoxox


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