31 December 2009

A Fresh Start

Out with the old and in with the New!  A magical Blue Moon, an omen from God herself…


“If they say the moon is blue

we must believe it’s true”


Make a toast to the moon tonight, with wishes and dreams, and peace and love.  Wishes made tonight come true…

But you have a part too.  If you don’t work towards your dreams…

Don’t blame it on the moon.


My ears perked up when I heard we were having a corn and cheese celebration in our little town tonight…Mmm cornbread maybe.  Or corn chowder.  Dare I wish for cheesecake?

But, I misunderstood.  Not corn and cheese.  Cheesy and Corny.



Cheers and Happy New Year to all of you in the whole wide world!

xoxox, Lisa


  1. I love the full moon and two in one month is a bonus.
    Here's hoping all your dreams come true this coming year, Lisa.
    Happy New Year and hugs!

  2. once in a blue moon I meet someone like YOU! happy new year bella! xo

  3. Wishing you every success and many blessings in 2010 Lisa. May your muse reign.


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