20 December 2009

Hidden Confessions


This week, the challenge at Inspiration Avenue was ‘hidden’

I made a journal called Confessions.  A place to write or draw

your hidden thoughts and feelings.  A place also, to discover what

feelings or ideas might be hidden inside you.  This was fun and the

result is useful and priti!


You know how I love all things Mary.  And my Catholic childhood is

still a big influence in my art and my life.  You should see my collection of Mary Statues, rosaries, prayer cards and saint medals.

They are beautiful, meaningful pieces of art to me. 

They are a comfort and a joy.


I can’t wait to see everyone else’s Hidden Art!


xox, Lisa


  1. Are you buried in snow, chickie? Is your world white and gray? Did you make a snowFrida? Curious minds want to know. BTW, love the journal, I have no secrets.........nope......none.......touch my journal and YOU DIE! :)Bea

  2. I love, love, LOVE this piece! And, so appropriate for the challenge!

  3. OMG!! what a stunning piece with so much depth! wow! i love the idea of "confessions" ... it is so interesting to see what the word "hidden" means to everyone. this my fren ... must be your best of the best!!

  4. Ooh I LOVE this submission - it's rich and opulent and mysterious! And now I want to know what you would write in it!!

  5. Lisa, your talent always amazes me! I am still drooling over the shadow box that I bought from you :)

    Great submission! Hope your day is filled with love and magic!


  6. Love this journal, Lisa. It is so you. A great turn on the meaning of hidden.

  7. You are just so good Lisa : ) Happy day to you

  8. very nice journal Lisa ! It is good to have beautiful journals to write and draw in
    Happy Birthday ! [ Jerry sends his love too ]

  9. I love this, Lisa. What a wonderful title for your journal. I went to Catholic school through the 5th grade. Plaid skirt, vest and white blouse with knee high socks and all. Will you be adding this to your shop? I think it would sell well.
    Take care sweets! Stay warm and cozy. Enjoy the tree lights in the dark.

  10. OH I am in love with this book how very cool you are soo talented. Great Piece for hidden


  11. Lisa, this journal is remarkable. I'm hoping you'll be adding it to your shop. I'll be keeping an eye out. I too, have a deep love for all things Mary. Even tried painting what I humbly imagined her portrait to look like once. It brought a comforting smile knowing I'm not alone in honoring her. Peace and Joy, Terri

  12. You have crafted this journal so beautifully! And it's perfect for the Hidden theme.

    I'm another Catholic school girl (first thru eighth grade sheesh), but I'm trying to erase it from my memory. Mary is definitely worth honoring though. Maybe you will rub off on me and I will start looking at my school days with a little more affection.

    Merry Christmas!!
    xoxo Maggie

  13. This is beautiful Lisa! I love seeing all the diversified creations and takes on the subject and just adore what you came up with.

  14. Lisa, such a wonderful gift you do donating to charity. You give so many blessings and share Gods love.
    This Mary art is so beautiful, I can totally see why you collect things all Mary. She is such a huge inspiration to all of us.
    You are such an inspiration to us and especially me, I am totally selfish ofcourse in this,lol!
    Have an awesome week!



  15. Lisa this is a great submission to the hidden challenge. I love journals.
    I also love the older statues of Catholic saints. The ones that are peeling and really show their age. I'm Catholic as well but have not been a very good one, but I'm still very Christian and spiritual.
    Have a Merry Merry Christmas,

  16. This is gorgeous Lisa, really beautiful. What a great interpretation of the subject. xxx


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