07 December 2009

A moon in the afternoon

I have resolved to quit complaining about grey days.  I am even trying to become inspired by them.  Here is an ornament I made today for my shop 

DSCN0418 Yes it’s gray, but it has crystals that seem to find light anywhere.  I really like how it turned out.

I will also be putting this Affirmation Mirror in my shop.  It is a little pick-me-up every time you look at it.

DSCN0410 I read that you should put plastic wrap over the mirror when taking its pic…hmmm, not so sure.


This was a busy weekend…the first of 3 nutcracker performances…

again, Mia dances…I just drive:)

Mia dances 3 dances in the performance.  Snow, Tre-pak (sp?) and of course Waltz of the Flowers.

DSCN0348 The pictures turned out pretty lousy, but this is Snow.

DSCN0381 This is when the dainty and sweaty ballerinas were greeting the guests.

Speaking of snow, it did.  This is out of the car window on the way home.  Pretty, even I had to admit.



Oh!  Guess what!  I lost 9 inches on Sunday.

DSCN0402 I think I going back to have more of the stuff removed.  It almost looks like a grown out hair cut, doncha think?



Last of all, one more ramble…

It’s never a good week end til you spend money!

DSCN0399 Her name is Grace.  Isn’t she lovely?

It is my first Sid Dickens.  I always wanted to own one.  Well, truthfully, I want them all.  But Mary is my first choice and she feels right at home, I hope.



I just realized…THIS IS MY 100th POST!!!  I will have to think of someway to celebrate!  I’ll have a spot of wine.  I’ll let you know what I dream up for all (or some, or one) of you :)

OK, you made it to the finish line!

Cheers and a big, warm hug, Lisa


  1. Hello Lisa. Now I had my hair cut just the same length as yours. Correction, I cut it! Now it has grown a bit I like it better! But I think it suits you as it is. I always feel like having mine cut short and going grey, but always chicken out.

    I love that mirror, it's beautiful and the pendant.

    Super post.

  2. I forgot to say congratulations on your 100th post!

  3. wow!! i love your latest creations!! esp the one with the moon :)) i bet sharon will too when she sees it :)) mia looks lovely in the tutu and she's such a beautiful girl!! i love those eyes of hers :)the cut looks good on you my fren ... you look absolutely "vogue" now :)) i think you should just keep it ... dun need to get rid of anymore. hey!! 100th post! congrats :)) wow!! time flies :))))

  4. Hi Lisa - WOW! 100 posts! I LOVE your ornament and that mirror - wonderful! And your haircut looks great. I'm jealous of your curliness...
    : ) lulu

  5. You haven't put your 2 new things in your Etsy shop. Grump grump.....

  6. curses, I think I just deleted my post!!
    any way Love the hair, now I will have to cut mine! so we will be twins!
    wooohoo! 100! I am close to 200 gotta think of something for that!

  7. Love your new creations Lisa, and the haircut!! OMG, it's so cute!! I'd love to have hair like that!
    The ballerinas look adorable too and yes, the snow you received actually looks pretty!
    It's so cold here :(
    Congrats on 100 posts!!

  8. The ballet looks beautiful and what a perfect snow scene to go with it!

    I think your hair looks perfect, I would not touch it.


  9. Congratulations on 100 posts. I always like whatever new pieces you've created but that mirror is my favorite of the moment.

    Darla (in CA)

  10. Congrats on your 100th post! I love the Nutcracker. And I love your new moon ornament.
    *sigh* I wish I had pretty curly hair, instead of straight and thin.
    It snowed here too, but didn't stick around long enough for photos.

  11. I'd rather connect with you here instead of face book .... it's so stupid that it's beyond stupid . and Twitter makes me dizzy
    Love your new art work
    love your hair
    I have thread on my head
    When I wash my hair it's dry by the time I go to the kitchen for coffee
    I liked your comment .... Willow does look like a kid we all sat next to in grade school

  12. Wow, loads of cool things in this post... Love the ornament, it's fabulous! Your daughter is lovely and you must be so proud of her! and congratulations on your 100th post, whoot!

  13. A spot of wine sounds good...!!! Love Grace, and the snow shot, ah heck the ballerinas and all...and the do looks great!

  14. I like the Moon ornament Lisa. Mia looks adorable in her costume. Snow picture is exquisite. Your haircut looks great. Congrats on your 100th post. Enjoy the vino!

  15. First off, Congratulations on the 100 posts!!! Also, I wrote up your Meet and Greet on our team blog today, so hop on over and feel the love. I love your new haircut. The Nutcracker play looked like fun and Mia looked gorgeous!
    Our team meeting is tomorrow in the etsy labs. 11am EST. Hope to see you there.


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