14 December 2009

Seems like a Miracle

I feel happy.  Excited, and a wee over my head, Inspiration Avenue accepted me into their fold.  Hah, life is good, so good.

I am thankful that these talented, artistic, fun, optimistic women decided I could join them.  I AM HAPPY!  And, I have to admit, scared.  I am afraid I won’t…not miss the deadlines…never late am I…but I am not good at all with my very intelligent computer. Sometimes I can’t open mail!

I am a person who only goes after things if I am sure I will do or die.  Thankfully, I am with woman who are so understanding and generous,  I am blessed. 


I know I am behind in my give-away for my 100th post, so sorry.

I am in the weeds with a commission (show you when it’s done)

I am giving this… for starters.

And I want to give away something for exciting news…and something for my birthday, which is over do….So tomorrow I will show pictures and make it simple. 

I want everyone to have their prize before the big day.

(might make a great hostess gift)  I have some really great things you could re-give…who knows, they might end up back with me. 

Hee hee. 

Tomorrow, I will put pictures of the other goodies.  I want everyone to have something…let me think.


Thank you, the whole wide, world wide,  Sweet Peeps


PS:  No bombs or other means of terrorism will be sent via the USPS!


(not even a box cutter or a tiny bottle of shampoo)


  1. You are too cute!!

    I can't wait to get my Queen of My Heart shadow box! I just love your creations :)

    We are so glad to have you on Inspiration Avenue :)


  2. huh?? you??? scared???? hahahaha!!! you are just toooo funny :)) LOVE that you've joined us ... and now we can PARTY!!!

  3. Just wanted to personally congratulate you on your becoming the newest member living on Inspiration Avenue.I did so on Facebook but not to you directly. You deserve it! You and your creations. As for technical ability, which is still a huge bugaboo for me and working on it, you'll be fine. Merry Xmas. Thx for all the merry and inspiration you have shared and given. Enjoy it kiddo!! xoxo, :)M

  4. Woohoo! We can newbs at the AVenue together!

  5. Lisa you are a PERFECT addition to our little tribe! Thank you for joining! You will add a huge dose of "inspiration"!

  6. woohoo!!! congratulations!!! oh course you have been accepted! you are great!!! xoxox

  7. Congrats, Lisa! You-scared. Don't make me laugh (ops, too late.) You'll do good, girl.

    Hugs and lots of Holiday fun.

  8. Yep, you've got that right - we're completely understanding so no worries there! ;-) Just have fun and enjoy - the IA Fairy insists.♥


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