01 December 2009

Sweet Sylvia

I am ashamed of myself for making you wait this long to see my new jewels from Sylvia at StudioSylvia. The stones are my current favoritest color…

turquoise, although, they aren’t. They are something else…I forget, but the stones attract peace.DSCN0338 The earrings were an added bonus! I feel so classy with these jewels! Thank You Sylvia!

I do adore them, And I think they will help me look like a

“Put-Together” person :)

If you don’t already visit, please visit Sylvia and her etsy shop, see her pictures of Australia and her beautiful jewelry.

Tomorrow, I will be making an exciting (for me) post.

I think you will like it, too.

You know I’m growing on you.

Admit it :)



  1. who took this crazy picture and cut off the top of your adorable head? Isn't Sylvia the best? right after you of course! Her work looks stunning on you and you ARE classy!! xoxox cat

  2. These jewels are beautimous! You should have had your lovely face in that picture though!!!


  3. turquoise is one of my fav color AND stone as well!! :)) the necklace looks really pretty! love the unique design :))

  4. Beautiful work and I love the colors - it looks fabulous on!

  5. Hi Lisa. Thank you for the promotional ad. As Cat wrote, why not the full picture? I haven't 'known' you long, but you are a 'put together' as far as I can tell. Glad to know you like the necklace. Makes me very happy.☺❦


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