15 December 2009

Three Gifts

Frankincense, Gold and Myrrh.  Or Mary, Mia and a Snowman.


IDSCN0439   DSCN0438 I am celebrating!  My birthday, my 100th post and my membership at Inspiration Avenue.  I am almost finished with my commission piece, tomorrow I will share that. And maybe I toss another gift into the heap.  Tis the season.


If the wise men gave 3 gifts, a wise woman should at least give 4.


Here are the rules.

1)  Give a comment.  It doesn’t have to be about how great I am.

2)  Tell me which one you wish to win.  If you don’t care, or love them all (who could blame you) leave this option blank.

3)  Think happy thoughts.


My rules.

1)  Put everyone’s name in a bowl.  A clean bowl.

2)  Pick 3 names.  If this works perfectly, I will jump to #4.  Since this isn’t heaven,  I have rule #3.

3)  The first person picked, with a favorite, gets it.  If, out of the 3 names picked, 2 or more want the same piece…first lady wins.

4)  Maybe rules don’t make any sense.

5)  Drink a spot of wine.

6)  Figure it out so everyone is happy and not mad with me.

7)  Send every one something.  (there ARE a lot of things I’ve been meaning to unload)

8)  Just one more tiny bit of wine.

9)  Get all of this done by FRIDAY!  I will.  I always accomplish my goals.  I really do :)


So, get busy.  And spread some Love, Chickies!

xox, Lisa

PS:  I left a comment on how it should be done.  ( I always like examples)


  1. Hi Lisa,
    You a sooo generous and brilliant!
    I would love to have any of these as a hostess gift for th next dreadful holiday get-together!
    I am going to your shop right now, because I triple love how you are giving 20% to women and children.
    LOVE right back attcha.

  2. I need the blue haired girl!~BAD! lol...I just love that image you've made! You dayum gorgeous biotch...was that too foul...sorry...I ment it with love from one artist to another.

    the other Lisa D.

  3. Oh...love both Mary and Mia...but I covet Mia!!! she is gorgeous!... what a wonderful gift for this time of year...and at present I need to be cheered up!

  4. Lisa, what a generous and beautiful prize give away draw. I am in a state of dreaminess looking at all of them. Mary is so beautiful and the cross in her eye is just the best. Mia is so spiritual and deep looking, yet youthful. The snow man looks so cute!
    All you gifts are wonderful and would be proud to win any of them, like you say who could blame me, your art is sensational!
    Oh there I go and tell you how great you are!
    Have a great and awesome day!



  5. Hmmm, can't tell you how wonderful you are......too many rules........now all I want to do is have a picture of you as Frida, sit and drink some wine with you and talk about things and this and that. All the gifts look wonderful. Happy 100th post to youououououou, Happy UN Birthday to yououououououou and any one of the three will doooooooooooooooo. :)Bea

  6. Oh to be the winner of any one of your wonderful creations. You are sweet and generous and your posts are FUN besides.


  7. Just found your blog on inspirat.. Great site. love any of these! thank you! jill

  8. Wow, cool giveaway and great events - congrats! Gee tough choice though... I adore Mary and Mia - too hard to choose. Oh... and yeah - you're great! ;-)

  9. Hey, there! I want all of them. Is that wrong?

    I'm thinking many happy thoughts, but I'm bummed out that I have been so busy I haven't been able to stay up to date. So don't be surprised if you get lots of comments in a row.

    Happy Happy Birthday!

  10. Hi Lisa! Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog :) Hmmmm, yes very odd that so many of us are in PA. I do like your theory of the creativity hub. Wish I always felt creative.

    You are a creative, generous soul! And funny to boot. I love Mary and Mia especially.

    Happy Birthday! I'm so glad you joined Inspiration Avenue!


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