30 December 2009

The White Queen

Alice in Wonderland was and still is my favorite book of all times.  It is full of wisdom.  There is a message even in the most inane passages.  The book is like a giant riddle, isn’t it?  It is complex and clever and every time I read it I figure out one more piece.

I had this quote, by the White Queen, taped to the bathroom mirror when I was younger, the kids were smaller and problems seemed bigger.  It helped me every time!  This is the second painting I’ve done with the Queen and her Quote.  Last years  model sold and the

brand new, even better 2010 is here!DSCN0487 She is  large (14.5x7.5”)

I am hoping to get some smaller prints made, to make her affordable. 

This week’s theme is At the Movies  at Inspiration Avenue

I am in such a quandary over this one.  They are really stretching my creative muscle!

Consider what great girls you all are,

xox, LIsa


  1. this is a real nice piece!!
    well ... this could well be your entry this week! ... alice in the wonderland IS turning into a movie and should be out next year :)) johnny depp as the mad hatter, helena bonham carter as the red queen and anna hathaway as the white queen ... can't wait!!

  2. Lisa, I want to thank you so much for your Christmas card and heart for thre Christmas tree. I received it yesterday in the post and was so suprised. Mark my hubby likes it too.
    You are so wonderful!
    Love the alice, she is one of my favorite characters and love the book! We were watching Alice in wonderland on tv day before yesterday.
    Isn't it so mad and brilliant!
    Have a fabulous new year and this painting is beautiful, I love her eyes and your fancy writing!



  3. I love her, Lisa! And I have faith in you to meet the new Inspiration challange.

    Have a great New Year! Be happy and safe. Hugs

  4. Lisa..you've done it again! Amazed me with your brilliance! I just love her! Especially her eyes! My new friend..you've truly outdone yourself with this one! Have a safe, prosperous and joyous New Year! Terri

  5. I love Alice in Wonderland too. This piece is beautiful! I love the quote :)

  6. this is just fabulous!
    Happy New Year you GREAT GIRL! I am so thankful for our friendship too! I will toast to 2010 being a year of continued blessings of friendship and love! xoxox cat

  7. I LOVE the quote, and the beautiful face you've painted to go along with it! I had fun reading Alice out loud to my class last year, and just this Christmas Eve was introduced to a very unusual Czech movie version of the story - cool!

    Priti.lisa, you are inspiring me with all this beauty and productivity! I'd better get busy! Happy Happy New Year!!!
    xoxo lulu


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