10 December 2009

World wide Art Love

I received some VERY good mail yesterday.  One in my mail-box, and the other…just a walk to the post office to sign for my box (of hazardous, maybe terroristic) goodies.  What are they (the government ?) thinking.  I have a lot of Over-the-Seas friends, that I buy from and sell to…yet every time it’s the signing and explaining.  I find it Stupid!

If I was shipping my friend in Australia or Italy a gun, or bomb, or even something with lead paint…would I fess-up on the customs slip?

Sooo Nonsense-ical!

Here are the items I’ve signed into my custody:

DSCN0428 This (quite large) ornament from Suze in Italy.  We were partners in an ornament exchange.  I really love it for a lot of reasons…but the best reason is that I can use it for Valentine’s too!  It is perfect and I love it!  Thank you Suze :)


DSCN0427 This (also quite large) is a painting I purchased from Julie-ann I just call her Julie, but click to see some truly beautiful painting.  I can tell you, it is even more lovely when you are holding it in you grimy, little paws!

I loved her wood canvas so much that I stole it from her for my new commission…Wish I could have stole her husband to do it for me, but i managed.

I am very excited about this commission, very last minute.  It’s a Klimt inspired piece.  I will show when I get to the painting…today I just built the canvas and sketched. 

I love deadlines, but this one has to do with someone’s Happy Christmas…and there is the USPS to consider…so I will be nose to nose and heart to heart with this project every free moment. 

We have another Nutcracker performance and dinner with friends and a cocktail party…OH NO!!!  It looks like I’ll also have to shower and shave.

Forget the shaving, I’ll wear boots with my dress :)



  1. oh my you are a busy girl! both pieces are lovely and Julie-ann creates the most iconic work. really lovely. just keep breathing...YOU CAN DO IT! xox

  2. LOL Lisa, I looked at my legs yesterday morning and thought I should shave but I put on long pants instead and my UGGS. I can get away with it for a few more days!

    I am loving my ornaments!


  3. i have to agree with you on the post ... some of my supplies take a month to arrive becos it's sitting in the customs for like 3 weeks being prodded left right and center! crap!!

    aha!! but it was worth the walk!! such BEAUTIFUL pieces you got!

  4. Oh Lisa, you don't know how relieved I am, thew!
    I always worry a little if the paintings take longer. Today you have made be a very happy bunny. Thank you so much for writing a post and placing the painting on your blog. So pleased you like the wooden boxed canvas enough to make your own. The wood feels fabulous to paint on, real homely and relaxing.
    Hope you get your commission finished and sent on time also!

    Thank you once again Lisa, really is very special to my heart that you have bought one of my pieces of art! Hope you recieve many many years of enjoyment from it.



  5. Lol, what a pollava with the post office, I have just laughed my socks off, thinking about the post office worrying that you maybe receiving bombs from around the world. He, he, he!

  6. Still Giggling,lol!
    Suze's heart is so beautiful. Silk painting is one of my love's.
    She as created such a beauty.

  7. You are going to get sick of me soon,lol.
    Just realized the heart is mixed fabrics! Just how fantastic is this. Mixed fabrics and looks like a silk piece!
    I am finished now! You can rest and have some peace,lol!

  8. You are a riot, Lisa! I loved your new mail art! The heart is adorable and colorful and the painting bu Julie-ann is exquisite, as is all of her works. I am always drooling over her paintings. I hope you get your commissioned piece done and posted on time. Tick-tock sister. lol

  9. Those are lovely art, Lisa. I love good mail. And I hope you get your own work done. Don't forget to post pics.

    And you, a terrorist? really? lol

    Who shaves their legs in the winter?

    I also want to congrats you for becoming a member of Inspiration Avenue. You go girl!

  10. Hello dear Lisa!
    Susanna from Italy, your oraments swap partner here!
    I got your ornament: I LOVE IT! Pls see here for more:

    Happy you liked what I chose for you!

    Keep in touch, I'm happy I met you dear! :)

    PS: I hanged hunny bunny in my micro-garden just for taking a nice pic, but no worries, I'm keeping it safe indoor :)




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